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ATRESMEDIA is present at the key media, through its different business lines: television, radio, films, advertising and the Internet.

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ANTENA 3 TV maintains its position as one of the leading audiovisual operators, despite the growing competition within the sector. Thanks to the integrated and unique management of the contents created for their broadcasting through its network of channels (ANTENA 3 TV, NEOX, NOVA and NITRO), the company has positioned itself as a channel with a strong personality, where creativity and responsibility as a medium have become the predominant factors. This strategy has allowed an increase in the income obtained by the Company which exceeds the market average, a growth in the audience figures, despite the increasingly fragmented environment, and the recognition of Antena 3 as the most innovative and the best valued TV channel.

ATRESMEDIA RADIO, the radio subsidiary of the GROUP, is still breaking records. ONDA CERO has consolidated as the second more listened station within the Spanish radio scene, with more than 2.5 million listeners, and it became the general content broadcaster with the strongest growth. In turn, EUROPA FM continues moving up and has reached its best result in history, with more than 1.6 million listeners.

ATRESMEDIA DIGITAL has experienced a strong growth, boosted by the GROUP’s policy of integrating audiovisual contents in any of its existing platforms and media. Consequently, the Company’s websites have ended 2011 with a monthly average of 6.9 millions of single users and more than 53 millions of video downloads per month, which represents an increase of 45% and of 100%, respectively, when compared to the previous year.

Once again, ATRESMEDIA PUBLICIDAD has added value to the communications plans of its customers, through the planning and creativity advice. The solution offered by ATRESMEDIA PUBLICIDAD, which is based on the joint management of the media through the so-called pauta única (the simultaneous broadcast of the commercials by all the TV channels of the Company), allows advertisers to optimize the efficiency of their campaigns and take advantage of the complementary nature of targets. 2011 has witnessed the incorporation of new clients, who have reinforced their capacity to reach any kind of public.

ATRESMEDIA CINE has maintained its commitment to the Spanish film industry with the production of motion pictures and TV movies. Antena 3 has released a total of nine feature films in 2011, which represented 40% of the total box-office receipts collected by the Spanish film industry. “Torrente 4”, directed and starred by Santiago Segura, obtained more than euro 19.5 million and became the greatest box-office success and the one which obtained the highest revenues during the week of its release. As far as TV movies are concerned, they have not only obtained a huge audience success, but they have also led the way for the remaining channels, thanks to their quality and interest.

During its second year of life, ANTENA 3 EVENTOS, the company engaged in the development of promotional events and the rendering of services related to the production and marketing of other kinds of events, has created new advertising scenarios through the organisation of musical and promotional events, including the concert offered by The Black Eyed Peas, the Cycling Tour of Spain and the Ponle Freno (Slow Down) race which, on the occasion of its third round, brought together more than 10,000 runners.

Antena 3 Group | Madrid | 28/05/2012

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