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Atresmedia maintains its position as the leading online audiovisual group.

As a group, Atresmedia’s websites ended 2016 with a monthly average of more than 24 million unique users, up 14 % on 2015, maintaining the corporation’s position as the leading audiovisual group on the Internet.

•Throughout 2016, the Antena 3 website received an average of 8 million unique users per month.

•This year, the Antena 3 news portal was again a key element of Atresmedia’s digital growth, topping its 2015 figures by 16 % and attracting 3.6 million monthly users interested in the intense Spanish and international political agenda. The latter included such issues as the American presidential election and the Brexit vote, among others.

laSexta Noticias website tripled its 2015 numbers. laSexta Noticias website was responsible for one of Atresmedia’s milestones in the digital arena. It succeeded in tripling its 2015 numbers, to more than 2.8 million users, becoming the television website with the highest growth in 2016 and consolidating its position as the number three television website in Spain.

One year after its launch, Flooxer consolidated its position as a creators’ platform, with more than one million users per month enjoying its content, which included over 15,000 videos on its first anniversary. In addition, the series Paquita Salas, released on Flooxer, caught the eye of a large audience of viewers and critics, and was recognised with several awards.

Atresplayer was the leading platform, with over 4.8 million monthly users and more than 600 million video plays per year. It ended the year with over 4.5 million registered users, 1 million more than at the close of 2015.

Over 6.8 million users visited Atresmedia’s Thematic & Partners websites, 30% more than the previous year. This was the result of the addition of new titles, seeking to diversify and search out new user niches.

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Atresmedia | Madrid | 16/02/2010

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