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The television model of Atresmedia becomes more and more solid having quality, innovation and plurality as its main values. Antena 3 ended 2016 as the leader television in December (13.3 %), and started 2017 leading January with 13.3 %. laSexta, that celebrates its 10th anniversary beats its direct competitor for fourth consecutive year, with 7.1 % audience share, consolidating the third position among private operators.

Atresmedia closed the year being the tv group with the highest growth, reaching 27.1 % in an environment with new free to air and pay operators. Atresmedia lead the commercial target in prime time, the most prefered target for brands, with 31.1 % audience share. The complementarity and success of its six channels, made Atresmedia the only group capable to grow significantly in this context, and become the prefered offer for the most attractive public in the highest audience slot.

Atresmedia Televisión continued to set the standard for news. Atresmedia’s television channels once again led coverage of the general election on 26 June (24.3 %), the Galician and Basque elections on 25 September (making a total of seven elections in which laSexta was the number one choice nationwide) and the American election (26.6 %). Following on from the precedent set the previous year, in which it made history with 7-D: el debate decisivo, with the four-person debate on 13 June, Atresmedia reached more than 4.6 million followers and had a 25.1 % average audience share.

Antena 3 ended the year as the leader television in December (13.3 %). It was also leader of the mornings (13.3 %) and first option on the weekends (12.0 %). The channel reached 14.3 % audiece share in the commercial slot with the highest audience. Antena 3 started 2017 leading January with 13.3 %. It was also the best channel in commercial target (13.3 %), in Prime Time (13.7 %), in the morings (13.8 %) and in the weekends.

Antena 3 Noticias faced a deep renewal with success and leads the weekend. Antena 3 saw changes in its newscasts beginning in September with the arrival of Santiago Gonzalez as General Manager of Antena 3 Noticias. The Weekend edition was the undisputed leader on Saturdays and Sundays. To be precise, the first weekend edition led for the fourth consecutive year. Antena 3 Noticias 1, which has been presented by María Rey and Sandra Golpe since September, ended the year with high records. Antena 3 Noticias 2, with Vicente Vallés at the helm, also reached excellent numbers growing month after month.

Velvet and Mar de plástico, the top two premieres for Spanish fiction programmes in the past ten years, ended their runs with record numbers. Velvet said farewell to its viewers with a record high (26.2 %), becoming the most- watched fictional series of the season (3,586,000 viewers). It also made history by airing over fifteen minutes of its final episode live. Mar de plástico ended with a season high (20.6 %) and a finale that was the viewers’ choice.

The penalties of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid garnered the highest television ratings of 2016, with 11,642,000 viewers. Last year, the Champions League ended its first season after returning to Atresmedia with a 34.1 % share and an average of 6,354,000 viewers (+0.5 points compared to 2015).

Tu cara me suena once again revolutionised Friday night, ended up its best season ever and was the most watched program of friday nights, being the absolute leader with 23.4% and 3,263,000 viewers.

El Hormiguero 3.0 had its strongest year yet. The programme presented by Pablo Motos bet its all-time annual high and became the overall leader in its time slot, with an average of 14.9 % for 2016 and more than 2.7 million TV viewers (+0.5 points compared to 2015).

Espejo público achieved its all-time annual high with 17.1 %, ending the year as the leader in its slot, with 16.8 % average audience share. In addition, Un café con Susanna grew stronger beginning in September, leading its slot from its premiere, with a 13.8 % share.

Karlos Arguiñano keeps its good reception among viewers. The cooking show achieved a high average audience share, 14.5 % and 517,000 viewers.

La ruleta de la suerte was the unassailable leader yet another year, with a 16.4 % share and almost one million followers.

Amar es para siempre and El secreto de Puente Viejo leader fiction series of the afternoon slot. Both series kept solid records with 13.1 % and 1,483,000 viewers and 16.7 % (1,687,000 followers) respectively.

laSexta consolidated its third place among commercial TVs in the year of its 10th anniversary. The channel got a 7.1 % audience share, surpassing Cuatro with the largest gap in its history.

laSexta Noticias achieved the best year in its history, reporting its highest numbers, growing and surpassing its competitors. laSexta Noticias 14 horas, Monday–Friday, was the most-watched newscast, with a 13.4 % share and almost 1.4 million viewers.

Al rojo vivo again had its best year ever, the most watched in its history with almost 700,000 viewers and a 12.5 % share. The show was the only morning news programme to see growth (0.8 points vs. 2015), leading its rival.

El intermedio the favourite daily program of laSexta. It was once again the most-watched daily programme on laSexta, with 11.3 % share and more than two million followers.

Salvados continued to be the network’s most iconic show. It was the most-watched programme on laSexta in 2016 and overall leader with more than 2.7 viewers and a 13.9 % share. The “Salvados: una hora en La Moncloa” episode – which featured an interview with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy – airing on 3 April, was the year’s most-watched episode for the channel.

laSexta Noche and El objetivo, reference programs in information content. The debate program aired on Saturdays and the news program shown on Sundays are the favourite ones to follow current affairs.

Más vale tarde achieved an all-time high with a 7.8 % share and 759,000 followers. The show continued to grow yet another year, in keeping with the trend it has followed since it began airing.

Pesadilla en la cocina, leader in commercial target. The program presented by Alberto Chicote had its second best season, with a 12.2 % share. It was the overall leader in the commercial target with 16.6 %.

Enviado especial, a new successful brand in laSexta. Conducted by Jalis de la Serna, this program analyses in depth problems such as obesity, weapons and the market changes resulting from imports of Chinese products. Enviado Especial achieved 9.1 % audience share.

Zapeando also had its best year, with a 7.3 % share and over 870,000 followers, up from 2015.

•Also up was Jugones, which had the best year in its history, obtaining a 5.6 % share (+0.4 over 2015).

laSexta Columna, the news documentary programme airing on laSexta, also set its best annual record with an 8 % share.

Mega and Atreseries leaders in 2016. The two new channels which joined Atresmedia in 2015 reported good results throughout 2016. Mega ended its first full year with a 1.8 % share and as the overall early morning leader with 7.4 %. Atreseries, the HD channel that rounded out the group’s entertainment offerings, was the top new specialised channel with a 0.8 % share.

Neox and Nova consolidate their position in the afternoon. Neox ended the year with 2.5 %, leading afternoon specialised offerings with a 2.9 % share and among viewers 18–35 (6 %). Nova finished 2016 with 2.2 % and was the top DTTV channel Monday–Friday afternoons, with a 3.1 % share.

Atresmedia Televisión | Atresmedia Televisión

Atresmedia | Madrid | 16/02/2010

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