Atresmedia Publicidad

Atresmedia maintains its position as the leading online audiovisual group

•Atresmedia Publicidad was the highest ranked exclusive agent for television, leading in sales service and advertising effectiveness.

The audiovisual group with the best reputation. Studies such as RepTrak España, Personality Media, Media Scope, Superbrands and Randstad Award once again demonstrated that Atresmedia is the audiovisual group with the best reputation.

•Atresmedia’s commercial offerings were ranked number two by Comscore, only surpassed by Google, with over 27 million users, reaching 84 % of the online population.

Eduardo Olano was appointed as the new Chairman of Atresmedia Publicidad, passing the General Manager’s baton to José Miguel García- Gasco. Beatriz Medina, Digital General Manager of Atresmedia Publicidad, was named chair of the board of directors for IAB Spain.

Atresmedia Publicidad launched Iceberg, an innovative initiative providing access to Atresmedia’s entire digital advertising portfolio. This year also saw the launch of Atresdata, a new and revolutionary tool for improving affinity and effectiveness in television advertising sales.

Consolitation of MABS. Atresmedia Publicidad made a strong showing with the second edition of the Management & Business Summit, a major gathering of global executives and leaders.

The importance of television to increase awareness. Atresmedia Publicidad and Tres14Research once again conducted the ROIMAP study, reflecting the continued increase of the importance of television in increasing awareness.

•Special advertising actions with big companies. Atresmedia Publicidad worked with Twentieth Century Fox, Ikea, DKV, Adeslas, Heineken, Bwin and Gas Natural Fenosa on special actions in 2016.

Atresmedia Publicidad | Atresmedia Publicidad

Grupo Antena 3 | Madrid | 01/06/2012

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