Director General at Atresmedia Televisión

Director General at Atresmedia Televisión

Javier Bardají

Mr Bardají graduated in Information Sciences at the University of Navarra, and also received his Doctorate in Communication from that university. He also completed the PADE (2015) and PDD (Class of 1994-1995) Management Programmes at IESE.

Javier Bardají
Javier Bardají | Atresmedia Corporación

He holds a degree in Strategic Marketing, awarded by ESADE (1991), and completed another undergraduate course in Accountancy and Finance at IESE (1993).

Mr Bardají is usually involved in educational activities as associate lecturer of Audiovisual Companies at the School of Communication of the University of Navarra and as lecturer of the Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Company Management, also in that university. He also teaches Structure of Audiovisual Systems at the Villanueva University School (attached to Universidad Complutense).

Francisco Javier Bardají is a member of the TV Academy and has written several works, including “La gestión de la creatividad en TV: El caso Globomedia (Management of Creativity in TV: The Globomedia case” (Edit. Eunsa) and “De Antena 3 a Atresmedia pasando por LaSexta (from “Antena 3 to Atresmedia through LaSexta)”. (Edic. Deusto)

He currently holds the position of General Manager at Atresmedia TV, with responsibilities in the audiovisual business (Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Nova, Mega, Atreseries and Atresplayer). He had been the General Manager of the Multimedia area until March 2010, being in charge of the Digital area, and he had previously been the Manager of Corporate Communications and Marketing of the ATRESMEDIA GROUP, fostering for the first time the establishment of Corporate Social Responsibility Policies within the Group, a measure that obtained broad social recognition and became fully integrated with the public and reputational image of the Group. He had previously been appointed Content Manager of the Group in 2003 and 2004, after the incorporation of Planeta de Agostini as reference shareholder of the company (Antena 3 de Televisión, S.A., by that time).

He had previously worked at Grupo Vocento as Assistant General Manager of the Audiovisual Area, which included the TV production companies, the regional channels, Net TV - a digital TV network - and the radio station Punto Radio; he had also been the Publishing Co-ordination and Institutional relationships Manager of that publishing group.

In 2002 he was appointed Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ATLAS, a company of the Mediaset Group in charge of the management of the News Programmes broadcast by Tele 5, which operated as an audiovisual production company through the brand Salta TV, as well as an audiovisual news agency for third parties. Formerly, he had served as Assistant General Manager for Corporate Affairs at that Audiovisual group, an area which encompassed the Communications and Institutional relationships Division and the Surveys and Research Department of the Channel.

He joined El Mundo (Unidad Editorial) in 1990 as Marketing Manager, and became involved in the launching of this newspaper, since its foundation and until 1995. He worked for a year in Italy, in the marketing area of the RCS Group, which is the owner of that paper.

 |  Madrid | 30/05/2012

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