Director General at Atresmedia Televisión

Director General at Atresmedia Televisión

Mr. Javier Bardají

Javier Bardají Hernando was born in Catalonia in 1966. He has a degree in Media Studies and a PHD in Audiovisual Media from Universidad de Navarra.

Javier Bardají
Javier Bardají | Atresmedia Corporación

Furthermore, he participates in PADE (Corporate Senior Management Programme) at the IESE, is Senior Lecturer on the Media Corporate Management Master’s Degree Programme at Universidad de Navarra and a fellow at different universities.

Bardají has extensive professional experience in the Media industry, especially in the audiovisual and television sector, having held senior management positions at the main companies in the market. He has performed management duties at Telecinco as Executive Chairman and CEO of the news agency and television production company Atlas, and in the Telecinco News area. He has also been the Assistant to the Director General of the Audiovisual Area of the Vocento Group, and Contents Director at Antena 3 during its re-launch in 2003. Furthermore, he was Marketing Director of El Mundo during the newspaper's first five years of publication.

At Atresmedia, until he was appointed Director General of Atresmedia TV, he served as the Company’s Corporate Marketing and Media Director and Director General of the Multimedia Division, working on the start-up of the Group’s 3.0 multi-platform strategy.

Atresmedia | Madrid | 30/05/2012

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