Corporate Director General at Atresmedia

Corporate Director General at Atresmedia

Ms. Patricia Pérez González

Patricia Pérez González was born in Cantabria in 1972. She has a degree in Economics and Business Studies from Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

Patricia Pérez
Patricia Pérez | Atresmedia

She is Corporate Director General at the Atresmedia Group, and a member of the Management and Business Committee. She is responsible for the performance of corporate projects, operating management, human resources, public relations, documentation and systems, and for the Corporate Responsibility policy. Since 2016, she has also headed the Company’s Digital Management Department.

Her professional career began in 1996 at the Telefónica Group, at which she performed different activities in business areas related with technological innovation and the creation of new markets. At the Group's subsidiary, Telefónica Publicidad e Información (TPI), she participated in the identification and development of new opportunities in the publishing business for Latin American markets. From 1999 onwards, she joined another company of the same group, Terra Networks, as E-commerce Controller, participating in the creation of its strategic plan and implementing it in different countries (Latin America, Spain and the USA).

She joined Atresmedia in 2002, and since 2010, she has held the post of Corporate Project Development Director, participating in the creation and implementation of strategic projects of a cross-cutting nature for the Group’s organisation and growth.

Atresmedia | Madrid | 08/11/2012

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