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Annual and Corporate Responsibility Report 2014

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José Manuel Lara’s appointment as Chairman of Antena 3 heralded the start of one of the greatest periods of success and growth in the company’s history.

Today, 12 years on, Antena 3 has become Atresmedia, the largest communications group in our country and a leading global operator in the most important business areas within the audiovisual sector: television, radio, cinema and the digital environment. This is his legacy: a bright present and a future full of opportunities.


I could not start my summary of the year without expressing my admiration and affection for the late José Manuel Lara Bosch. He was an exceptional man and an extraordinary businessman, with a great capacity for dialogue, who helped to strengthen the role of free and diverse information in Spain and to modernise the cultural sector.

Without his leadership and love of innovation, Atresmedia would not be the great communications group that it is today.


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