Atresmedia Cine: Box office success

In 2012, Atresmedia Cine premiered a total of five feature films which represented 20% of the box office in the whole of Spanish cinema. To these premieres it is necessary to add XP3D shown for the first time at the end of December 2011, but which was projected in cinemas in 2012. The box-office takings of its cinema productions remained in the top positions of the ranking of Spain's cinema industry.

Atresmedia Cine is conscious that it is not enough to make good cinema, it is necessary, moreover, to know how to connect with the public. Under this premise, it succeeded in placing four of its productions among the first top ten of the Spanish cinema and, in turn, has obtained the recognition of the critics and professionals at Spanish and international festivals.

Tengo ganas de ti, a feature film based on the novel by Federico Moccia and  a continuation of TRES METROS SOBRE EL CIELO, also taken to the cinema by Atresmedia Cine, which became the biggest box office hit in 2010, occupied the third position of the Spanish film ranking. Directed by Fernando González Molina and starring Mario Casas and María Valverde, with more than €12 million, it nearly quadrupled the total takings of the film that followed it in the ranking. 

The fifth place in the ranking was occupied by LUCES ROJAS, directed by Rodrigo Cortés and starring Robert de Niro and Sigourney Weaver. The film was successfully presented at the Sundance Cinema Festival.

2012 also saw the premiere of EL CUERPO, directed by Oriol Paulo and starring Belén Rueda, Hugo Silva and José Coronado. The film continues at the moment of drafting this report to be projected at cinemas, with estimated box office takings far exceeding those of the film which occupied the fourth place in the 2012 ranking. FIN, directed by Jorge Torregrossa, with Maribel Verdú, Daniel Grao and Clara Lago in the cast, is another of the feature films premiered in 2012 whose projection continued beyond the close of the year.

2013 will see premieres such as LOS ÚLTIMOS DÍAS, an apocalyptic thriller directed by the brothers Alex and David Pastor set in the city of Barcelona; COMBUSTIÓN, directed by Daniel Calparsoro and starring Alberto Amann and Adriana Ugarte; TRES-60, directed by Alejandro Ezcurdia and with Raúl Mérida, Sara Álamo, Geraldine Chaplin and Joaquim de Almeida in the cast. 

The second half of the year will see the premieres of FUTBOLÍN, the first animated film of the Oscar winner Juan José Campanella; LA GRAN FAMILIA ESPAÑOLA, a film by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, with Quim Gutiérrez, Verónica Echegui and Antonio de la Torre, a comedy about a wedding which takes place during the final of the South African world cup.

ZIPI Y ZAPE Y EL CLUB DE LA CANICA directed by Oskar Santos, whose filming was extended over nine weeks in natural locations in Hungary and the Basque Country. This film aims to conquer the family public through these two characters who, during almost seven decades, have delighted various generations.

Furthermore, MINDSCAPE is in the post-production phase, a psychological  thriller directed by Jorge Dorado, whose premiere is envisaged in the last four months of 2013; TRES BODAS DE MÁS, a comedy by Javier Ruiz Caldera  starring Inma Cuesta, Martín Rivas and Paco León; and OPEN WINDOWS, a classical thriller starring Elijah Wood and directed by Nacho Vigalondo.


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