Atresmedia Digital: Leaders in interactivity

For the year 2012 has been studded with success. The launch of the new version of ANT 3.0, connecting in real time the live television content to phones and tablets, the launch of the new website and the excellent results obtained with the Formula 1 World Championship are some of the major milestones this year. ended the year with an average of 9.7 million monthly unique visitors, representing a 10% increase over 2011. Out of the entire year, the month of November was the highlight, recording 12 million users, a historical record that coincided with the climax of the Formula 1 World Championship season. 

However, these are not the only figures that confirm the excellent record of Atresmedia Digital. According to the General Media Study (EGM), in 2012 was the leading television website in Spain, and this year also saw it achieving its best ever results. was also the most visited television website on the Internet, according to the Televidente 2.0 study written by the Internet consultancy The Cocktail Analysis.

To these quantitative measures we must add the qualitative ones, since the Antena 3 website has for the second consecutive year won the award for "most popular website of the year" in the study carried out by the market research agency Metrixlab.
It has also maintained excellent shares in the viewing of videos, with over 700 million viewings, mainly through the television-on-demand service, its online platform for viewing complete episodes and programs.

Once again this year has partnered Habbo in Spain. The largest online youth community in the world chose this website for its audiovisual strength, its high quality content and its good relationship with its audience, to which we must add the success of the direct encounters with the actors from their favourite series.

In order to continue to provide content and make them available to viewers wherever they are, Atresmedia Digital has launched a new version of ANT 3.0. This is the first "second screen" application in the world that connects in real time to the content of live TV from smart phones and tablets. This is another step toward removing the barriers between the channel and the audience, allowing the viewers to participate more in their favourite series and programmes.

The interaction possible through ANT 3.0 is very diverse. It allows exclusive videos and additional information to be offered. Thus, while the viewers are enjoying the broadcast of 'El Barco', 'Tu cara me suena', 'Fenómenos' or 'Gran Hotel', they are receiving extra content in the form of questions, images or videos.

This experience, a pioneer in the world and developed internally by Atresmedia, has obtained excellent results with an average of three million monthly interactions and has attracted ten times as many registrations as the first version. 

In addition, the content on ANT 3.0 has also involved current affairs, following the last Catalan elections, during which users were given minute by minute updates on events.

Atresmedia therefore remains at the cutting-edge, adapting to the possibilities offered by the new technologies and showing its commitment to a multi-screen strategy.

The website has also mirrored the successes of Fernando Alonso in the last Formula 1 world championship. During the 20 races of the competition, fans had access to absolutely all the information possible about the circuits, teams and drivers, both in the actual races and in the practice and qualifying sessions for each race. Interviews were also broadcast, along with related news items, videos, image galleries, polls, rankings and it was used to gather interview questions.

Internet users also had real time access to all the information about the championship via Twitter (@ a3formula1) and Facebook (Formula 1 in Antena 3) with the special presence of Antonio Lobato and his team.  

Its success has been clear, and all this effort to provide information has been rewarded with an increase of 34% over the 2011 audience. The website has also improved the possibilities for commercial exploitation through the bundling of the broadcasting and the double advertising window.


The launch of the new website, which took place in October 2012 following the merger, is another of the great landmarks of the year. With a completely revamped image, but maintaining its own identity within the framework of the design of Atresmedia's websites, the new website has all the information about the channel's series, La Sexta Noticias news bulletins and programmes like 'Al rojo Vivo', 'laSexta columna', 'Salvados' or the hugely successful new 'Pesadilla en la cocina'. also has its own On Demand service where viewers can watch complete series and programmes from both laSexta and the Xplora channel and this has the flexibility required to meet the demands of the advertising market.

These improvements have been rewarded with excellent audience figures, obtaining the highest figures for the year in November with 2.6 million unique browsers.


2012 was also the year of the launch and consolidation of the new businesses established by Atresmedia Digital., a portal dedicated to offering the best options in leisure, beauty, travel and products at a discount.

Nubeox is the online video platform created by Antena 3 and DeAPlaneta. It has more than 2,200 licensed titles and agreements with the main Hollywood and Spanish distributors. Nubeox is a completely open portal, where users can browse with no obligation and find out what content is available for rent or purchase.

On Demand Premium. The new pay-TV service through the internet where viewers can access series and premieres in high quality and without advertising. For just 4 euros per month, they have unlimited access to the entire Antena 3 catalogue, with more than 2.000 episodes of series, TV films and programmes. 

Finally, Atresmedia Digital is still working on its catalogue of games with the launch of new titles like 'Imperium, la conquista de Roma', an online strategy game where players arrange their troops to conquer the Roman Empire. The games 'Atrapa un millón' and 'Hispania' are some of the new titles introduced by Atresmedia Digital.
The social networks have also been witness to the good results achieved in 2012. The channel remains among the top positions in terms of Facebook fans and reaffirms its position as the leading television website with over 630,000 fans. 

If you add up the different profiles managed by Atresmedia Television on Facebook (which include channels like Neox, Nova and Nitro, and the main series and programmes), the Group has more than 6 million fans. Among these, 'El Hormiguero', the Spanish programme with the most followers, stands out for its 840.000 fans. has been a pioneer in launching the Fan Club for El Barco, an initiative that rewards the loyalty of the fans on the platform, where the followers of 'El Barco' can enjoy exclusive content and collect points to exchange for gifts.

On Twitter, @Antena3com now has 450.000 followers and continues to be the leading commercial television website in terms of followers. Since 5 October 2009, the date on which it published its first tweet, it has published almost 13.000 messages.

The success of 'Tu cara me suena' has also been replicated on the social networks, where each week its followers gather, managing to accumulate 191 national and 114 international trending topics in its 11 first events.

Similarly, Antena3 News is the leading news programme from a commercial broadcast on Twitter, with 254.000 followers in @A3Noticias, double that of its closest rival.

The Atresmedia Radio websites also repeat the excellent results seen in television. has grown by 6% to reach 732.000 unique monthly browsers and has seen growth of 13%, to 642.000. In addition, both are among the most listened to on the Internet in their category. Ondacero is the leader with an average of 44 minutes of online listening daily, and Europafm has an average of over an hour each day of listening.

Beyond the figures, we must mention the efforts made by both networks to provide access to their content from any device. This new tool, simple and intuitive in terms of navigation, means that Internet users have access to all the content of the radio stations.

In addition, listeners can share all the information on Twitter and Facebook, thanks to the full integration of content with the social networks.




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