Atresmedia Radio: Success through balance and quality

In keeping with the last few years, Onda Cero and Europa FM closed 2012 with significant audience gains. According to the figures from the General Media Report (EGM) published at the end of November, Onda Cero's programmes attracted 2,615,000 listeners, 161,000 more than in 2011. This increase is in addition to earlier growth, with 66,000 more listeners in 2010 and 131,000 more in 2011, and reinforces this radio service based on continuity, balance and respect for different opinions.

The increase of 6.6% in the audience in 2012 allows Onda Cero to strengthen its second position in the radio rankings, distancing itself still further from the competition and achieving the best results in the last eleven years in the third wave of the EGM. The gap with Cadena Cope has widened to 911,000 listeners, while the gap with Radio Nacional de España is a further 1,121,000 listeners. In terms of market share, Onda Cero has 19.3% compared to the 11.1% and 8.7% of its two immediate competitors. In a difficult year, the channel continues to have the best profitability per listener, also being the leader in terms of the time spent listening to our broadcasts, with 159 minutes daily per listener.

Within the current Spanish radio market, from which ABC Punto Radio has just disappeared, Onda Cero and Europa FM (to which we have to add Melodia FM) occupy a very strong position and are leaders in a very demanding and competitive market. In addition to the increases in audience, we should also mention the credibility and the good image of these two broadcasters. The prestige of Onda Cero is unquestionable, due to its strong relationship with its audience and its ability to combine different opinions and sensibilities in its debates, while providing rigour and reliability in its newscasts.

EUROPA FM, ONCE AGAIN THE FASTEST GROWING MUSIC CHAIN Europa FM has beaten all the records in its still short history. For the first time, according to the latest EGM figures for 2012, Europa FM has exceeded two million listeners, 2.121.000 to be exact, and is the music station that has grown most over the last wave (177.000) and also over the last few seasons. In 2012 alone it has seen the audience grow by 542,000 listeners (34% more than it had at the end of 2011), while its breakfast show 'Levántate y Cárdenas' has broken the one million listeners barrier, also being the fastest growing music radio show, in both the last wave (154.000 listeners) and the last year (251.000). The progress made by this programme has been spectacular since Javier Cárdenas joined, increasing from almost 500.000 to more than double that: 1.011.000 listeners.

The music station Europa FM occupies the third position in thematic radio and it has maintained this position in the raking during the whole of 2012, establishing a very considerable gap between it and Cadena 100 (more than 400.000 listeners) and leaving Kiss FM with more than a million fewer listeners.

The Onda Cero brand is perfectly identifiable through the voices of Carlos Herrera, Julia Otero, Carlos Alsina, Isabel Gemio and Héctor Fernández. More than two million listeners wake up each morning to 'Herrera en la Onda' and over half a million listen in the afternoon to 'Julia en la Onda' and keep listening into the night to the analysis of the day's news offered by 'La Brújula'. Almost two million people listen each weekend to 'Te doy mi palabra' and hundreds of thousands of listeners turn on in the early hours of the morning to the revamped sports show 'Al Primer Toque', which since September has been directed and presented by Héctor Fernández.

As in previous seasons, the magazine programme from Carlos Herrera has continued to gain listeners. In 2011, according to EGM figures, it increased its audience by 208.000 new listeners and in 2012 it once again improved its results, adding a further 163.000 listeners, giving the programme 'Herrera en la Onda' a total of 2.061.000 listeners, making it the leading news and entertainment show on Spanish radio. In each of the three surveys carried out by EGM across the year, 'Herrera en la Onda' has always had more than two million listeners, exceeding by more than one million the number of morning listeners for Cope and by 945.000 the new morning magazine programme from Radio Nacional de España. The programme directed and presented by Carlos Herrera has more listeners than the shows from the two stations mentioned above put together.



Loyal to its commitment to inform and entertain, 'Herrera en la Onda' has been increasing its presence in the social networks, without losing sight of the participation and debate about all those issues that provoke interest and controversy among the public.

Over the last season 'Julia en la Onda' has added new features after taking into account the opinions and suggestions of the listeners, which were gathered through what Julia Otero calls "audits". The main new development, 'Tea Party', consists in various analysts (Arcadi Espada, José María Calleja and Máximo Pradera) offering their particular points of view about the outstanding issues of the day. Names that stand out from among the additions to the current team of collaborators are Joana Bonet, Manuel Delgado and Juan Carlos Girauta.

The audience for the evening program directed and presented by Julia Otero has once again broken the barrier of half a million listeners, representing an annual increase of 11.6%, which translates into 53.000 new listeners. Another significant fact is that the gap between it and the other afternoon shows has widened considerably, despite one of them ("las tardes de la Cope") lasting an hour longer. "Julia en la Onda" is the programme that has grown the most in the last wave of 2012 during the hours of overlap with the other afternoon shows. Julia Otero has a unique style, blending rigour and reflection with controversy and humour.

'La Brújula', with Carlos Alsina, gained 34.000 new listeners in the annual calculations, and remains the second most listened to night time news programme, with 538,000 listeners (the highest third wave EGM audience over the long history of the programme), offering a clear commitment to the intelligent analysis of current affairs. At the start of the season, September 2012, it added some new features, among these is 'A cien millas de Manhattan', in which Guillermo Fesser uses his ironic sense of humour to describe life in the United States.

For its part, the news programme 'Noticias Mediodía', directed and presented by Elena Gijón, has consolidated the good results seen in previous seasons with close to three hundred thousand listeners. The year 2012 has also been important for the Onda Cero news programmes directed by Julián Cabrera, with up to the minute news on current affairs in our country and overseas. During this year we had some great shows thanks to the elections in the Galicia, Basque and Catalonia regions, as well as the United States presidential election, following the election night with Carlos Herrera from Chicago. One of the most celebrated landmarks in the area of news and programmes was Carlos Herrera's interview with the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, the first that he gave to a radio station after his arrival at Moncloa. News has also been present twenty-four hours a day on Onda Cero, through hourly bulletins.


The most important new programming development, launched on 6 September 2012, took place in the early morning sports programme. 'Al Primer Toque' has entered a new era with Hector Fernandez and a revamped team. The results of this change are already being endorsed by the audience. In just a few months, 'Al Primer Toque' has earned the trust of 318.000 listeners, with a lively and entertaining style. While "Al Primer Toque" is just starting out, things are already going well. So far, it has reduced the gap that separates it from the sports programme on Cadena Cope and has had important exclusives.

In addition "Radioestadio" has been very popular at the weekends, attracting more listeners to its Saturday edition than tune into 'Tiempo de juego' (Cope). It has reached the historic figure of 752.000 listeners. Javier Ares and Javier Ruiz Taboada have taken advantage of the often unpredictable competition times to combine sport, humour and entertainment. "Radioestadio", with nearly one and a half million listeners over the two weekend shows, remains true to its calm and reflective approach to football and other sports. Ares and Taboada invite the listeners to have fun, while at the same time informing them about what is happening in the various fields of play.




When it comes to the weekend, 'Te doy mi palabra', with Isabel Gemio, has established itself as the most popular show on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Javier Gurruchaga is just one of the people joining the programme team to tell stories and anecdotes about music. Isabel Gemio's charity work in this time of crisis has served to enhance the credibility of the magazine show that next season will have been on-air for ten years. While we are talking about weekend shows, we must also mention the long history and popularity of 'Gente Viajera'. The audience has established an unbreakable date with Esther Eiros and her team before packing their suitcases.

During 2012, the programme 'La Rosa de los Vientos' (Saturdays from 01:00 to 04:00 and Sundays from 01:30 to 04:00) celebrated its 2000th with the public, in a cinema in Madrid. Bruno Cardeñosa and Silvia Casasola paid worthy tribute to the creator of the programme, Juan Antonio Cebrian. This programme on Onda Cero, in addition to being a cultural landmark for many listeners, also has weekly discussions on the key topics in the world of mystery and science.


Through our website the shows on Onda Cero and Europa FM have found new channels for information and listener participation. The two large radio stations at Atresmedia Radio have used the Internet to enter the social networks, thereby expanding the contents of conventional radio and music radio, improving the quality of the recordings. In this way, the listeners can retrieve music, take part in chats and comment on the various shows and broadcasts.

As well as using and to listen to live radio, listeners can also use them to give their opinion on what is happening on-air. Onda Cero and Europa FM have also created applications that allow them to be accessed via mobile devices and tablets operating with the Apple and Android platforms and environments.

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