Board of Directors and Committees

Board of Directors and Committees

José Creuheras Margenat

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atresmedia Corporación, of the Executive Committee and of the Board of Trustees of Fundación Atresmedia.

José Crehueras Margentat
José Crehueras Margentat | Atresmedia

José Creuheras was born in Barcelona in 1957. He is the Chairman of Grupo Planeta and Atresmedia. Mr. Creuheras began his professional career at Grupo Planeta in 1984, and he has hold different executive positions during the expansion period of the publishing business, hand in hand with the founder, José Manuel Lara Hernández, and Fernando Lara Bosch, who served as Chief Executive Officer by that time. He became actively involved in the design of the growth and diversification strategy implemented by the Group, which had been agreed by the Lara family in the late nineties. In 2003, the Chairman of the Group, José Manuel Lara Bosch, appointed him Deputy Chairman, a position he held until his appointment as Chairman on 13 February 2015.

He is also a member of the Board of GRUPO PLANETA-DE-AGOSTINI, a joint venture which was incorporated 30 years ago by GRUPO PLANETA and GRUPO DEAGOSTINI for the development of activities in the publishing and audio-visual areas; he has also been Chairman of EL TIEMPO CASA EDITORIAL, the largest media conglomerate in Colombia. Mr. Crehueras is one of the members of the Executive Committee of the CÁMARA OFICIAL DE COMERCIO, INDUSTRIA, SERVICIOS Y NAVEGACIÓN DE ESPAÑA and of the Advisory Board of FOMENT DEL TREBALL, the Catalan Employers Association, and BARCELONA GLOBAL. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of FUNDACIÓ CATALUNYA CULTURA, FUNDACIÓN FERO, created at the behest of Dr. José Baselga for Cancer Research, and FUNDACIÓN CAROLINA, and represents ATRESMEDIA in the FUNDACIÓN AMIGOS DEL MUSEO NACIONAL CENTRO DE ARTE REINA SOFÍA and the FAD (Drug Addiction Aid Fund).

Antena 3 Group | Madrid | 08/03/2019

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