Mision, Vision and Values of ATRESMEDIA

The Mission, Vision and Values of ATRESMEDIA have been revised, in 2011, in order to adapt and respond to the full integration of CR into the organization’s operations, becoming a key part of the Group’s raison d’être.

Broadcast of varied, innovative and high quality news and entertainment offerings that respond to our stakeholders in order to win their trust and thereby ensuring the leadership position and sustainability of the Group.

To be the leading multimedia communications group and to make a valuable and positive contribution to the society in which we operate.

Misión, visión y valores

Commitment: We strive to make a valuable contribution to society, creating campaigns to raise awareness about social issues, that resolve problems, and generate positive change.

Quality: We work to ensure the continuous improvement of our activities, developingexcellent products - in terms of both their form and content - aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of our audiences.

Creativity: We promote the creative development of our employees, promoting artistic freedom and innovative thinking, and respecting the democratic and cultural values of society.

Long term vision: We are working towards creating a leading corporate project in the audiovisual sector that seeks to face the future by making it.

Innovation: We promote the creation of new ideas, products, services that contribute value to the company and society.

Leadership: To motivate and guide our collaborators in order to promote their development and that of the organization, transmitting energy and inspiring confidence to help the organization reach its business targets.

Working as a team: To foster a culture based on establishing relationships founded on trust and respect between the employees and theCompany. We promote their autonomy and participation in the decision-making process, basing our management style on the principles of delegation and responsibility.


ATRESMEDIA | Madrid | 29/05/2012

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