All of Antena 3's programmes will be involved in the channel's important campaign, working with the Red Cross to help families keep their homes and stop them being evicted

Starting this Monday, 18th February, Antena 3 is extending this important social campaign, launched jointly with the Red Cross, that helps families to keep their homes and therefore to prevent one of the most devastating consequences of the current recession: evictions.

The channel will use all of its programming to support this campaign, which is designed to help individuals and families facing economic instability which can in turn lead to them becoming extremely vulnerable and potentially losing their homes.

Helping 3000 families to keep their homes.

This campaign, through which Antena 3 reaffirms its Corporate Responsibility policy, offers a preventive approach and has been developed closely with the Red Cross, implementing the programme this organisation launched in 2012. The campaign involves helping families, while there is still time, to avoid losing their homes.

Antena 3 will dedicate all its capacity and its full commitment as a media organisation to raising as much money as possible. The funds will be donated in full to the Red Cross so that it can help 3,000 families to keep their homes.


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