Atresmedia CSR head sits in the red chair of 'Diario Responsable'

Susana Gato, Atresmedia CSR Director has sat in the red chair of  'Diario Responsable' to bring a close-up of her work and the Corporate Responsibility functions of the Group. In her conversation, she highlighted, among other things, that "at Atresmedia our campaigns are intended to be very long-term. It is not only a question of communicating, rather that things happen".

"Convince and transmit the importance of Corporate Responsibility is the most difficult day-to-day task", stated Susana Gato. In the contents area, Susana believes that "the Atresmedia Group has integrated CSR very well, since in 2011, Antena 3’s television model changed to includes aspects as important as quality, diversity or placing certain limits on contents…”.

She also details how CSR is expressed in each of this media group’s channels: “There’s a part of internal CSR that is common to the two channels (Antena 3 and La Sexta), such as human, environmental or advertising resources and then those of contents, in which each maintains its independence but endeavouring to maintain that quality and commitment. Television with the power that it has and the influence to mobilise must be doubly responsible”.

"At Atresmedia we aim to have very long-term campaigns; it is not only a question of communicating but rather of things happening and that they have an effect” added Susana.

With respect to the Spanish CSR strategy, she highlights that it is positive but that it is necessary “to see how it evolves, since at Atresmedia, the new recommendations of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission  (CNMV) are having more impact than the Strategy”.For Susana Gato, if a company does something wrong, the CSR Director ends up looking “devastated”. "The company is very big and you can put your foot in it but it’s necessary to learn from your mistakes", Gato stated.

Atresmedia | Madrid | 05/07/2016

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