Atresmedia, leading audiovisual communication group partner of Forética

Atresmedia has signed a collaboration agreement with Forética, whereby the audiovisual company has become the leading media group in being the partner of the top Spanish and Latin American company in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Patricia Pérez y Germán Granda durante la firma
Patricia Pérez y Germán Granda durante la firma | Atresmedia

With the signature of this collaboration agreement, which took place this Friday at ATRESMEDIA’s headquarters with the presence of Forética’s CEO, Germán Granda, the Corporate CEO of ATRESMEDIA, Patricia Pérez and the Group’s CR Head, Susana Gato, the Group aims to actively and dynamically boost the company's Corporate Responsibility strategy at the company and to also continue its positive contribution to society, to people and to the environment for a more sustainable future.

In the same way, this agreement also means forming part of the leading Corporate Social Responsibility association in Spain and following the trends of the different aspects of corporate responsibility to be able to incorporate them in an agile and effective manner in the company’s management.

Atresmedia, a commitment reflected over 9 years
In this regard, the whole strategy, vision, indicators, main milestones of the year and future of the company are included in the Corporate Responsibility Report (CR), available at http://www.atresmediacorporacion.com/informe-anual/2015/. This is the ninth occasion on which ATRESMEDIA has included its Corporate Responsibility Report in its Annual Report.The report follows the G4 version of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in its full option, as well as the GRL Media sectoral supplement, and includes some of the principles recommended by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). To guarantee the veracity and materiality of the data published, it was externally audited by AENOR and has obtained the “Materiality Matters” GRI stamp.

The main milestones in 2015 in the three sustainability dimensions were:

- Atresmedia has included the CSR recommendations of the new Good Governance Code of the CNMV in its CR strategy.
- The Board of Directors of Atresmedia approved a new General Corporate Responsibility Policy.- The Group renews its presence on the FTSE 4 Good Ibex Sustainability Index- Atresmedia is the most attractive media company to work for and the 6th most attractive in Spain in accordance with the 2015 Randstad Report.
- Atresmedia was named the best media company in the 2015 Reporta Report (Study on the quality of information provided to the market by the companies forming the Madrid Stock Exchange General Index).

- In 2015, the Company did not breach the Television Contents and Infancy Self-regulation Code- In 2015, 13% more marked hours were broadcast with respect to 2014.
- Atresmedia joined the Company Network for a Company Free from Gender Violence and promoted “Zero Tolerance”, the new Antena 3 Noticias campaign against gender violence.
- It invested €372,487 in training with a satisfaction level among employees of 9.1/10- In 2015, 99 Atresmedia volunteers donated 2,102 hours of their time, helping 13 different charity organisations.
- Atresmedia collaborates through its programmes, contents and advertising with the work of NGOs. In 2015, it donated more than €200,000 to non-profit making organisations. More than €1 million were collected for the Red Cross for its refugee aid programme, and more than €6 million were earmarked for a free radio and TV advertising space.
- New record of participation and collection of the popular race Put a Break on It Madrid with 20,000 runners and €200,000 collected. The amount raised from the seven popular races forming part of this initiative exceeds €1 million, earmarked to projects supporting road traffic accident victims.
- The ATRESMEDIA Foundation has worked for ten years on the rights of children and young people.

- Atresmedia, named “Best Improver” in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 2015, as a result of the progress made in its climate change commitment.- The Group invested an extra 24.6% in environmental measures.
- The second phase of the LED technology light substitution project was successfully completed with a saving of 310,000 kWh per year.
- The Group renews its collaboration with Ecoembes, Greenpeace and the WWF, through the MAKE YOURSELF ECO campaign.

The leading association of CSR companies

Forética, is the corporate social responsibility/sustainability business and professional association in Spain and Latin America. It aims to promote the integration of social, environmental and good governance matters in the strategy and management of companies and organisations. It is currently formed by more than 200 partners.

Forética holds the SGE 21 Standard, the first social responsibility management system that enables certification to be obtained on a voluntary basis. Currently, more than one hundred companies and organisations have been certified with the Standard in Spain and Latin America. Forética was chosen by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as its sole representative in Spain and therefore named as the Spanish Business Board for Sustainable Development. It is also a member of the Board of Directors of CSR Europe.

Atresmedia | Madrid | 05/07/2016

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