Organized by the Hazloposible foundation

Organized by the Hazloposible foundation

Atresmedia partners with “InGoodCompanies”

The third edition of InGoodCompanies, a gathering of companies and NGOs to network and identify potential future alliances that will have a positive impact on employees, the companies and society, was held on December 21st.



ATRESMEDIA colabora con “InGoodCompanies”
ATRESMEDIA colabora con “InGoodCompanies” | Atresmedia

At InGoodCompanies, the Hazloposible Foundation seeks to, first of all, share stories of successful partnerships between companies and NGOs that can provide inspiration, and second of all, offer a forum for establishing partnerships to jointly develop corporate volunteering programs. The InGoodCompanies initiative started in 2013, and this third edition saw an increase in the number of participants and a broadened scope thanks to the support of Spain’s Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Also supporting InGoodCompanies was Atresmedia and Corresponsables.

At the 2015 event, Hazloposible got over 70% of the companies and NGOs present to network and establish a dialogue that led to the creation of new partnerships.

This year, InGoodCompanies focused on corporate and NGO projects that promote employment opportunities within various groups. These projects were shared at the forum to inspire other participants.

Atresmedia Corporacion | Madrid | 22/12/2016

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