More than 1,000 volunteers improve the quality of life of 12,000 people in the 7th Edition of Company Solidarity Day, organised by the NGO International Cooperation and ATRESMEDIA

The seventh edition was successfully run in six Spanish cities: Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, Valencia, Zaragoza and, for the first time, A Coruña.

The day brought together 42 companies and more than 1,000 volunteers who took part in more than 80 different activities for the benefit of groups at risk of social exclusion.

Over the seven years, more than 4,000 volunteers from 72 companies have taken part, with the aim being to achieve the social transformation of the socio-economic context.

During the morning of Saturday 19th October, 1,000 volunteer employees from 42 companies took part in social projects run by 40 Non-profit organisations helping different groups at risk of social exclusion. People with disabilities, the elderly, the homeless, sick children and children in the process of inclusion are just some of the groups that were helped during this day of corporate volunteerism.

Some examples of the solidarity activities run are: caring for children hospitalised in health centres; visiting and supporting elderly people in different homes and day centres; leisure activities with minors in the process of social inclusion; hydrotherapy for disabled people; visits to museums with elderly people; and sports and leisure activities for disabled people.


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