Atresmedia, media partner in Spain of the largest international conference on sustainability in the area of brands

Atresmedia will be the media partner of Sustainable Brands® Barcelona, the largest international conference on sustainability in the area of brands which will take place in Barcelona on 27 and 28 April 2015. Presented today in Madrid, this is the first time the conference has been held in our country.


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The aim of these conferences, which have previously been held in such geographically widespread cities as San Diego, London, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires (where the last event was held at the beginning of September), is to contribute to an awareness of the problems and opportunities arising from the social and environmental challenges facing humanity today, as well as promoting participation and a joint approach to problem-solving.

Atresmedia is conscious of the extent to which it can raise public awareness and mobilise society and it is also aware that its prime responsibility as a media outlet is to give a voice to those issues which contribute to society's progress.  This is why ATRESMEDIA has committed itself to providing society with the broadcasting ability of its media outlets, whilst supporting and developing those initiatives which might have a positive effect on that society.  As sustainability is one of the issues which can make a big difference to how a society can improve, Atresmedia has become the media partner of Sustainable Brands. Besides, brands are one of Atresmedia's main interest groups and their inclusion in the challenges of innovation, leadership and corporate responsibility is key to the successful creation of a more sustainable world.

Sustainable Brands® is a global community composed of more than 500,000 experts drawn from innovative companies and brands who are shaping the future of global commerce. Its goal is to bring together and share those thoughts and ideas which must ultimately lead to sustainable business and consumption models.

In each of their events the participants get the chance to reflect and share knowledge with internationally respected professionals. By bringing Sustainable Brands® to our own country we not only get the chance to host this enriching exchange of ideas but we also get to show what all sizes of Spanish businesses are doing and how innovative they are.





Atresmedia | Madrid | 08/07/2015

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