Atresmedia received the 2021 Data Protection Award in the Communication category, awarded by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (SDPA). These awards, which were celebrated on European Data Protection Day, are a recognition of the works that promote the dissemination and knowledge of data protection rights.

Atresmedia received the award in the Communication category for its involvement in disseminating through its media various initiatives related to data protection launched by the SDPA. The Digital Pact for the Protection of People (Pacto Digital para la Protección de las Personas), the Privacy, Innovation and Sustainability Forum, campaigns such as 'A single click can ruin your life and specific dissemination content related to Canal Prioritario have been some of those initiatives that have been carried out echo the Group in its commitment to this issue.

Atresmedia's involvement in data protection is one example of its commitment and closeness to society. The Group has adhered to the Digital Pact for the Protection of People since January 2021, an initiative of the SDPA to improve privacy and data protection on the internet through the promotion of coexistence in the digital sphere and the fight against violence and misuse of personal data.