In total, 84 colleagues from all departments came to donate, finally generating 72 bags of blood that served to improve the health of 216 people -for every bag of donated blood, 3 lives can be saved-. An anonymous and supportive action that every year more Atresmedia workers make: since the first blood donation campaign in Atresmedia that took place in 2015, the employees who come to donate have increased by 46%.

María, a communication employee, explains her reasons for being a donor: "I am a blood donor because I like the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping someone else. I try to put myself in the place of that doctor who needs a bag of blood for a transfusion; that patient which life depends on a few liters of blood; those ambulance drivers that literally fly in the search of a bag ... It's the only thing I think when I lie on the stretcher. The first time I donated in my life was at Atresmedia and since then I give every year with tremendous pride ".

On the other hand, María Ángeles, from the Advertising Department, said that it was the first year that she donated blood "and at 60 years old!". And she encouraged everyone to do it "because we have to do things altruistically and anonymously, without expecting anything in return".