This responsibility for the social sustainability of the content broadcast by Atresmedia is particularly important when dealing with critical social concerns, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, where quality news coverage is absolutely essential.

Atresmedia also endeavors to give a voice to various social causes, thus helping to build awareness and mobilize society through different campaigns and initiatives.

Atresmedia’s commitments to society are formally set out in its General Corporate Responsibility Policy, which was updated in 2021. This policy was approved by the Audit and Control Committee and is further supplemented by other key documents that build on the Group’s commitment to society:

• The Responsible Advertising Policy

• The Human Resources Policy

• The Environment Policy

The principles and commitments set out in the General Corporate Responsibility Policy further complement the Company’s strategic priorities and steer the actions undertaken to achieve them.


Atresmedia’s Corporate Responsibility Committee has been up and running since 2010. The committee sees to it that the ESG actions laid down in the sustainability strategy are carried out. In 2022, the Corporate Responsibility Committee met again in person to follow up on the actions implemented during the year and to address future trends and challenges in social, environmental and good governance matters. Sitting on this committee are representatives from various departments (HR, General Services, Operational Management, Internal Audit, Corporate Governance, Advertising, Content, News, Suppliers, Finance and Strategy), thus ensuring a horizontal vision of sustainability across the entire organization.

Our progress in delivering on the commitments set out in the The General Corporate Responsibility Policy is reported in this Non-financial Statement and on our Corporate Responsibility website, which we update on a rolling basis.

In a bid to further integrate Corporate Responsibility in the Company and acquire and share good practices, Atresmedia is actively involved in the Transparency, Social Commitment and Environment clusters of the Forética association. It also takes part in the activities arranged by Fundación SERES and the Global Compact and attends the quarterly meetings of the Responsible Media Forum, all benchmark entities that promote the need to build social, environmental and good governance aspects into companies’ strategy and management.