Environmental Awareness

Although its activities have only a limited environmental impact, Atresmedia has an Environmental Policy in place embodying its commitment to environmental protection. Atresmedia takes steps to ensure that its own activities have as little an impact as possible on the environment, but beyond that it also believes that it can help protect the environment by making society more aware of the issue and informing the public of the important role each of us plays in this process. Atresmedia therefore brings its considerable broadcasting outreach to bear across all of its communication channels.

Conciencia ambiental
Conciencia ambiental | Atresmedia

Atresmedia’s investment in environmental protection in 2017 came to 140,082 euros, broken down as follows:

  • 74,719 euros to improve the air conditioning system, yielding annual savings of 367,465 kWh
  • 43,350 euros to improve the heating system, yielding annual savings of 49,720 kWh
  • 16,296 euros on a new kitchen
  • 5,717 euros to install solar filters and polyurethane foam

Environmental investing will generate energy savings of some 417,185 kWh a year.

Environmental awareness

Hazte Eco is a campaign associated with the NEOX channel. Conceived in 2010, it seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues by championing values that help protect the environment. The initiative aims to brings the public closer to pressing environmental concerns and helps viewers appreciate that their individual efforts add up. Through Hazte Eco, Atresmedia is taking the fight to one of the biggest problems facing humanity: climate change.

Over the summer period, Hazte Eco showed an awareness campaign on Neox, alerting the public to the real threat of forest fires in our country. To provide further weight to the campaign of WWF, Atresmedia joined the Cartas desde el Bosque (Letters from the Forest) initiative via the Internet, social networks and through programmes such as Zapeando (laSexta).

A further highlight for the year included Atresmedia’s collaboration in broadcasting the fourth edition of Comparte y Recicla (Share and Recycle) on both Nexo Kidz and Onda Cero. The toy collection programme has Fundación Crecer Jugando at the helm and at its heart the right of children to play, along with respect for the environment and responsible consumption. In 2017, more than 130 tonnes of toys were collected, 40% of which were recycled.

Atresmedia | Madrid | 28/05/2017

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