Ethics management

Atresmedia has in place a robust ethics management scheme to ensure that our news, current affairs, entertainment and advertising content reflects the exercise of responsible, diverse and independent reporting. The scheme is based on three main tools: the codes of ethics of Antena 3 Noticias and laSexta Noticias; the Corporate Responsibility Policy; and the Atresmedia Code of Conduct.

Ética en el ejercicio de la profesión
Ética en el ejercicio de la profesión | Atresmedia

The codes of ethics set out the principles and standards that shape the rules of conduct for news and current affairs programming on the Group’s television channels.

In its section on accuracy and viewpoint diversity, the Corporate Responsibility Policy sets out a commitment to reporting that enables members of the public to form their own opinion freely and on a properly informed basis. Furthermore, the section on protection of and advocacy for human rights ensures support for freedom of speech, diversity of viewpoints and non-discriminatory content.

To ensure that these values are present in all Atresmedia’s content, the Group has two editorial committees charged with overseeing the independence and viewpoint diversity of its professionals, and the rigour, objectivity and truthfulness in the performance of their work in creating and selecting content for the Group’s channels. The editorial committees meet weekly and monthly.

Atresmedia also has a Code of Conduct that sets out general guidelines of action to be followed by Atresmedia employees and partners and any person providing services at Atresmedia, in connection with basic principles of conduct, relations among employees, internal control and fraud prevention, and commitment to the market, the Company and the community.

As a media group, Atresmedia receives government assistance, but this does not compromise the principles of independence and rigour inherent in the Group’s activity. Government assistance in 2017 amounted to 10.57 million euros. Atresmedia does not receive aid from non-government sources.

ATRESMEDIA | Madrid | 19/05/2012

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