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The vision pursued by Atresmedia Radio and its brands (Onda Cero, Europa FM and Melodía FM) is to broadcast a wide range of content that will earn them recognition as the benchmarks for credibility, viewpoint diversity, entertainment and closeness to the expectations and concerns of the public.

Radio con vocación de servicio
Radio con vocación de servicio | Atresmedia

Given this focus, Atresmedia Radio’s range of products ended 2017 with a combined audience of four million listeners. Onda Cero is Spain’s third-largest general-interest station, with 2 million listeners, and is the only channel that grows in the two last consecutive EGM, finishing 2017 with a 3% increase (double than the Market), while Europa FM attracts 1.8 million listeners, being the forth ranked station in terms of audience share in a higly fragmented music radio landscape. Melodía FM has 300,000 followers.

  • Innovate to offer our listeners fresh and attractive programming

In 2017 Atresmedia Radio continued the process of renewing its programming schedules to adapt to listeners’ new demands and offer innovative and flexible radio shows that are sensitive to societal change. A highlight was the highly intensive news coverage effort undertaken in 2017 by Atresmedia Radio News programmes to address key developments arising in a particularly eventful year. These actions focused on broadcasting special news features on location from the specific stage of each event.

  • Assuring independence, viewpoint diversity and credibility

Atresmedia’s radio stations strive for viewpoint diversity and a range of different approaches in their programming, thus earning recognition as independent and credible news outlets. To achieve this Atresmedia Radio works every year to sign up leading presenters and commentators to the roster of professionals: José Ramón de la Morena, Carlos Alsina, Juan Ramón Lucas, Julia Otero, David del Cura, Javier Ruiz Taboada, Javier Cárdenas, Jaime Cantizano, Elena Gijón, Juan Diego Guerrero, Héctor Fernández, Bruno Cardeñosa, Silvia Casasola, Juanma Romero, Bartolomé Beltrán, José Luis Salas, Esther Eiros, Rocío Santos, Frank Blanco, Carlos Rodríguez, Soledad de Juan, Pablo Rodríguez, Wally López, Brian Cross, Mar Montoro, Sara Gil, Pablo Guerola, Juanma Ortega, and more.

  • Preserving the best of conventional radio: closeness to the audience and engagement

As the Group’s general-interest station, Onda Cero continues to provide news and information at a level close to the audience. It manages an important network of broadcasters that connect local businesses and institutions to listeners through highly attractive formats that bear a strongly local imprint.

  • Adapting to the new features of the radio medium in the 20 first century

Atresmedia is aware that the multiplatform era poses a tough challenge to its radio division. To rise to the challenge and grasp the opportunities that will emerge in its wake, Atresmedia is renovating its radio headquarters to equip them with the technology that will build 21st-century radio. As a result of these innovations, video content can now be produced alongside radio broadcasting. Radio thus becomes a multiplatform medium that can be distributed over the Group’s range of different platforms and thus improve content distribution.

  • Support the community commitments acquired by the Group

The Atresmedia Group remains determined to deliver on its commitments to the community, both through the set of initiatives within the Atresmedia Commitment and through partnerships with advertisers, shows and platforms. Throughout 2017, Atresmedia Radio dedicated airtime to broadcast community-related content, especially the Group’s CR activities.

You can find more information about Atresmedia Radio here.


Atresmedia | Madrid | 19/05/2017

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