A diverse, innovative and high-quality TV

Atresmedia Televisión’s vision is to provide a diverse, innovative and high-quality range of news and entertainment which, by becoming our viewers’ first choice, will offer the value that advertisers want. To achieve this goal, Atresmedia designs its programming in keeping with the values of quality, innovation and diversity of viewpoints.

Una TV diversa, innovadora y de calidad
Una TV diversa, innovadora y de calidad | Atresmedia

Atresmedia Televisión accounts for 87% (89% in 2016) of the Group’s overall revenue (chiefly from advertising), and operates six different channels): the general-interest channels Antena 3 and laSexta; and the special-interest channels Neox (children), Nova (women), Mega (men) and Atreseries (fiction series).

Atresmedia Televisión’s activities are based on a range of principles that guide both content production and broadcasting:

  • Design content that responds to community interests and ensure that content is interesting and high-quality

Atresmedia operates a range of internal mechanisms that monitor the quality, ethics and responsibility of the content we produce and broadcast. (Further information at Quality and Ethics management). Atresmedia, in partnership with leading research institutions in the industry, conducts research so as to keep its television offering close to societal concerns and address the topics that are most relevant to the community. (Further information at Corporate social responsibility). In 2017, we formed 70 focus groups, involving 560 people.

  • Protect vulnerable audiences, especially children

Atresmedia ensures that children are protected by complying with prevailing laws and regulations and implementing specific selfregulation mechanisms. (Further information at Child protection).

  • Promote audiovisual content accessibility

One of Atresmedia’s priorities is to enhance and facilitate access to audiovisual content by everyone, regardless of their hearing or visual capabilities (Further information at Accessibility).

  • Bring the media close to community concerns

Atresmedia is aware of the media’s influence on public opinion, and therefore carries out a range of community activities to enhance familiarity with how the industry works. Moreover, Atresmedia knows that as a communication group it plays a privileged role in raising awareness and providing content with an impact on the community; we believe this is part of our contribution to society. (Further information at Awareness campaigns).

You can find more information about Atresmedia Television here.

Atresmedia | Madrid | 19/05/2012

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