Koldo Arrastia stars in the new show on the FAN3 channel

After auditions attended by nine group employees, all very enthusiastic about taking part in the ATRESMEDIA Foundation's Hospital Assistance Programme, our colleague Koldo Arrastia has been selected to star in the new show on the FAN3 channel.

Dottore Felice
Dottore Felice | Atresmedia

FAN3 is the ATRESMEDIA Foundation children's television channel enjoyed by hospitalised children. The aim of this show is to help children recognise the different emotions they may experience while in hospital (worry, fear, positive attitude, excitement, etc.) and help them deal with these feelings.

Koldo has dedicated 50 hours of his time to this project, memorising the scripts for the show and bringing Dottore Felice to life in 10 episodes. Thanks, Koldo!

Atresmedia | Madrid | Actualizado el 16/08/2013 a las 12:45 horas

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