Last Saturday, May 7, the volunteers, Company workers and their families, went to Alcalá de Henares to visit the El Molino Municipal Occupational Center, managed by Aldaba Foundation ,and learn, from the beneficiaries who work there, what is their day to day like. The objective of this center is to facilitate the labor insertion of people with intellectual disabilities as a transition towards a normalized job or as a labor integration formula for those who need a protected job.

In this volunteer activity, people with intellectual disabilities from the Aldaba Foundation took on a leading role in teaching how the center works and what kind of daily tasks they do. Since the best thing to really learn something is to do it yourself, Atresmedia Volunteers got down to work with the vegetable garden, the workshops and the animals, always guided by their mentors.

During the morning, they learned to organize the garden depending on what they decide to grow, as well as the process of selling their products to the people of the area. In addition, they walked around and discover all the animals they have on the farm: more than 200 chickens, 3 pigs, 12 rabbits, 6 sheep, 5 donkeys and several pheasants, among others.

There was also time to carry out two of the workshops that they normally do in the occupational center: manual binding and cookie preparation. Together with the beneficiaries of this foundation, Atresmedia Volunteers kneaded and baked the cookies and also created their own personalized notebooks.

Fue una jornada muy completa que fundamentalmente fomentó una actitud inclusiva, en la que los voluntarios pudieron compartir tiempo y vivencias con los usuarios y entender mejor lo importante que es facilitar la integración laboral de las personas con discapacidad.

It was a very complete with the goal of promoting an inclusive attitude, in which the volunteers were able to share time and experiences with the beneficiaries and understand how important it is to facilitate the labor integration of people with disabilities.

About Aldaba Foundation

Fundación Aldaba is a private, non-profit entity. Since 1999 has had a single objective: to generate new services that result in the development of the social services system and the well-being of the most unprotected citizens.