For the second year, Atresmedia Volunteers joined the Libera Project national initiative to fight against garbage, which was created in 2017 by SEO/Bird Life and Ecoembes to curb the consequences of garbage in natural spaces. Thus, they were part of the 11,000 volunteers who this year contributed with their time and effort to clean these environments.

To contextualize the activity and make sure the waste was properly separated, a professional from the Libera Project, specialized in ornithology, explained to the volunteers the characteristics of the environment where the collection tasks were carried out, in the Arroyo Culebro area, between Leganés and Alcorcón, in Madrid.

A group of nine volunteers from Atresmedia and sixteen young people from the organization La música del reciclaje (dedicated to the creation of instruments with recycled materials) worked together to comb the area and collect all kinds of waste: plastics, paper and cardboard, glass and other non-classifiable, and discarding them in the corresponding garbage bags.

At the end of the day, the garbage bags were weighed to have an estimate of the waste collected:

  • 67 kg of plastics
  • 7.5 kg of paper and cardboard
  • 6 kg of glass
  • 66.5 kg of remains

A total of 147 kg of garbage were recovered in the vicinity of the area, allowing the space and its fauna to return to their natural conditions. Despite the fact that this area had been cleaned three years ago, the lack of awareness had caused it to be filled with garbage again, so it is very important to continue working with campaigns like this so that people understand the importance of correctly waste management, with the aim that in the future they do not become rubbish.

Libera Proyect

The Libera Project was created by the environmental NGO SEO/BirdLife, in alliance with Ecoembes, the non-profit environmental organization that promotes the circular economy through the recycling of packaging. The objective of this initiative is to raise awareness and mobilize citizens to keep natural spaces free of garbage and release much more life in favor of biodiversity.