Success in the toys collection campaign ‘Comparte y Recicla’ in Atresmedia

Every summer the toys collection campaign ‘Comparte y Recicla’ returns to Atresmedia headquarters in order to donate them to different Spanish charitable organizations. This year we have filled 20 boxes with toys from employees’ families.

Éxito en la campaña ‘Comparte y Recicla’ de recogida de juguetes en Atresmedia
Éxito en la campaña ‘Comparte y Recicla’ de recogida de juguetes en Atresmedia | Atresmedia

‘Comparte y Recicla’(‘Share and Recycle’) is held in summer in order to have sufficient time to reprocess the donated toys for Christmas. The company participates every year in this initiative because it contributes to different causes: social, environmental and employment integration.

The revision and adaptation toy process is done in Special Employment Centers, so the project promotes employment integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

Also, if the donated toys are not in good conditions to give them a second life, they go to recycle centers, helping to care for the environment.

On this occasion, 10 Atresmedia volunteers were in charge of collecting, checking and arranging the toys donated by the rest of the Group employees in boxes during a day. In total, they filled up 20 boxes with toys that have been donated to different charitable associations through this campaign.

Atresmedia | Madrid | 25/07/2017

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