The Corporate Volunteerism Network, Voluntare, set up five years ago, launches the “Guide of Indicators for Measuring Corporate Volunteerism”

This morning, Voluntare celebrated its fifth anniversary in the Torre de Cristal, with a working session on “Measurement of Corporate Volunteerism”, with the participation of speakers of the stature of Bea Boccalandro or Lula

Benedetta Falletti presenta panel empresas voluntare
Benedetta Falletti presenta panel empresas voluntare | Atresmedia

During the event, the first Spanish guide of indicators for the measurement of the impact of the Corporate Volunteerism programmes was presented, a need detected through the Voluntare Network, which was possible thanks to collaborative work with the Fundación Hazloposible and MAS Business.

The balance carried out included the announcement of the incorporation of four new members: the companies Suez Water Spain, NH Hoteles and ISCE and the Chilean NGO América Solidaria. With their adhesion, the total number of associates of Voluntare amounts to 53: 27 companies and 26 organisations of the third social sector of Spain and America, from Argentina to Canada.

Measurement of Corporate Volunteerism: a challenge overcome. On its fifth anniversary, the Voluntare Network has today presented the “Guide of Indicators for the Measurement of Corporate Volunteerism”, which, for the first time, provides a tool in Spanish for the companies which use Corporate Volunteerism as a corporate social responsibility vehicle in order to influence their environments.

This guide, which responds to a generalised necessity detected through this Corporate Volunteerism network, was developed in collaboration with the Fundación Hazloposible and with MAS Business. It identifies indicators intended to internally demonstrate the results produced by the Corporate Volunteerism programme, while externally making known the value of social action carried out by the employees through these programmes. Their principal contribution has been the defining and limiting of the indicators in order to facilitate their standardisation, measurement and comparison.


Atresmedia | Madrid | 01/08/2016

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