Human resources: Ready for the future

The integration of laSexta into Atresmedia Televisión has been a milestone for everyone in the organisation and required a joint effort to integrate more than 60 new employees.

After the merger, Atresmedia will be made up of 1,784 professionals who are ready and willing to take on new challenges, and to adapt to the needs of the new circumstances.

Other important milestones in 2012 have been the improvement to the Corporate Volunteering Program and the internal communication channels. These and other important projects are described in more detail throughout this chapter.

To successfully deal with future challenges, the management of human resources at Atresmedia is based on a policy which applies equally to all employees and which, during 2012, has strengthened aspects as important as the retention of talent, dialogue and equality.




Atresmedia is made up of a large team of 1,784 people ready to take on new professional challenges.

The reduction in the workforce in 2012 is mainly due to organisational changes, which have made it necessary to outsource some services in order to adapt to the demands of the audiovisual sector.

The workforce at Atresmedia is young, with the largest age group being between 30 and 45, and an average age of 40.6.

The geographic distribution is mainly concentrated in the Madrid region (1,475), followed by Andalusia (110), Catalonia (75), and Galicia (69). It also has employees across the rest of the country and where possible supports employees who want internal transfers to a new city.

The percentage of the workforce with a long-term contract has increased in 2012 to 84% (1,490), a very positive figure taking into account the current socio-economic climate, and the average seniority of the staff is 11.5 years.

The turnover considered as voluntary resignations from the company stands at a very low level (2.25%), almost two percent lower than in previous years.



Equality and diversity are values that form part of atresmedia's spirit and can be found in all the organisation's activities, including the processes for selecting personnel and professional development.

To consolidate these values, efforts have been increased during 2012 to finish writing the Company Equality Plan, with specific measures to guarantee equality and encourage a healthy work-life balance. The Equality Plan has been completed and is pending approval by the Company's Committee.

Clear evidence of the effectiveness of these principles and plans is the equal numbers of each gender working in the company, with 48.6 % of the workforce being women.

Our workforce currently includes 39 disabled workers, all of whom have been fully integrated into Atresmedia’s operations. Most of these disabled workers occupy technical positions. We should point out that Spanish law requires all companies with over 50 workers to have 2% of the total workforce accounted for by disabled people, a percentage exceeded by Atresmedia. In addition, Antena 3 complies with the Law on the Social Integration of the Disabled through alternative measures in the PRO PROJECT, a workplace integration programme for the disabled, run by the Antena 3 Foundation.

Another figure that shows the diversity of the workforce is that eight foreigners currently work in the Group's different companies.



During 2012, 62 new employees from laSexta have joined Atresmedia's workforce, and this has been a significant challenge for the Human Resources Team and for all the staff. From the very start the main objective has been to fully integrate all of these people, offering them the same conditions enjoyed by the rest of the workforce.

Various different measures have been implemented to help with this integration:
- A positive attitude and personal approach so that each new member feels as comfortable as possible.
- Development of a detailed study of each person to identify the job that best suits each profile.
- A Welcome Manual, with all the useful information about the company, available to employees through the corporate intranet.



The people who work for Atresmedia form the core of the organisation and guarantee its successful results. As a result, the company has an active commitment to all the employees, developing specific initiatives focussing on career development and growth.



The Talent Management Program is designed to develop and reinforce the skills and capacities of the personnel at Atresmedia who have great professional potential, establishing four categories:

- Personnel with strong executive potential.
- Personnel with notable creative talent.
- Employees who are important for the organisation due to their high-degree of professional versatility.
- Personnel with professional talent throughout the organisation (analysis of executive structure).

This programme encourages internal promotion within the organisation. This is a deeply rooted strategy in Atresmedia because it shows clear support for the employees as well as saving time and money. The main new development in this programme in 2012 has been the addition of new training courses such as language training.
These are currently included in the Executives and Senior Management programme, but will be gradually rolled out to the entire workforce.
Work Experience for Young People:

Atresmedia, aware of the current problem of youth unemployment, has once again this year run its Work Experience Program designed for young students. In 2012 the programme involved 40 professional training students, 458 undergraduate students and 22 postgraduate students.

In 2012, 520 young people did their work experience at Atresmedia

Those taking part in this program do their work experience in Atresmedia with the help of a personal tutor, so that they can take full advantage and learn as much as possible about areas as specific as speech, production or tools for journalists (DALET) or skills courses.

The Work Experience Programme has been created not only to give the students the opportunity for their first contact with the business world, but to also provide a very valuable source of future employees for Atresmedia, given that some of them are given the chance to join the company after their work experience has been completed and all of them are added to the company's database for future selection processes.

As a complement to this programme, other initiatives to encourage the training of future professionals are also carried out:

-  Mañana Project: promoted by Atresmedia since 2010, several universities send in projects on how the news should be presented in the future on television and the radio. The organisations chosen as finalists receive a cash prize. In addition, the group of students presenting the best project is given a scholarship in television or radio.
-  "First Job Program": in collaboration with the Madrid Press Association (APM), through its Work Experience Programme and First Job Programme, this initiative allows a graduate (registered with the APM) to form part of the Group for a year.

Furthermore, and in order to reinforce specialised training in the audiovisual sector, many of the Group’s professionals participate as teachers in various Masters courses and

Universities. Some of the most important are:
- Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Masters in Audiovisual Business Management (MEDEA).
- Universidad Antonio de Nebrija. Masters in Television Journalism.
- Universidad San Pablo CEU y TRACOR. Masters in Reporting and Journalistic Investigation in Television.



Atremedia has established a complete Social Benefits Programme for all the employees with a double objective:



One of the main factors that sets Atresmedia apart is its salary policy. This is characterised by having employee salaries that are higher than those set by collective bargaining agreements and, in most cases, significantly above the sector average.

The minimum employee remuneration is set by collective bargaining agreements and varies according to the particular features of each worker’s position, functions and responsibilities in the company. Increases are established on the basis of personal performance and seniority in the company.

On the other hand, Executive salaries (Directors, Assistant Directors and Managers) consist of a base salary and a variable remuneration linked to individual targets, overall company results and the result of the 180º performance assessment.

The 180º performance assessment is a clearly defined and transparent procedure, which in 2012 was applied to 160 members of the management in the Group.

At the moment, a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is being negotiated through regular meetings with the Company's Committee. Among the main new features that this could include are a flexible wage system for all employees which is more closely connected to the company's financial performance.


Internal communication is one of the key aspects in any organisation, and especially in those organisations, such as Atresmedia, that involve companies and people with very different roles and responsibilities. Transparent and effective communication at all levels helps with carrying out the work and promotes employee confidence. In this regard, the Group has as one of its objectives the implementation of specific measures to improve internal communication. One example is:
- Corporate Intranet: the main point of information, consultation and access to all the information of interest to Atresmedia's employees.
- "Más de Tres" Digital Magazine: 2012 saw the launch of the internal magazine "Más de Tres", with the aim of reporting internally on all matters that may be of interest. The magazine has been very well received among employees, who can actively collaborate in its content.
- Welcome Manual: the Group's intranet contains the "Welcome Manual" which provides very useful information about joining the company and about the company itself. The
Manual is particularly designed for new members of staff, but is also of use to the rest of the employees in the company as it contains information such as the Code of Conduct, services, protocols, and security policies, rules for travel, etc. which are useful for everyone.



For internal communication to be as effective as possible it is necessary to listen. One of the most useful tools for this is Focus Groups, meetings where employees exchange views, demands and expectations about a particular issue.
Therefore, in December 2012 a session was held involving 14 randomly selected employees belonging to different Atresmedia companies. They talked and shared their views on matters that affect them directly, such as the company's policy on human resources, occupational health and safety, and professional development within the organisation.

They also discussed more general issues such as the perception of Atresmedia and its television model and its involvement in society through its various corporate responsibility initiatives. After this debate, the important conclusions were gathered for consideration when developing future actions to improve the working environment:


Atresmedia is very proud of its Corporate Volunteering Program, one of the elements that sets it apart from the rest and that also offers tangible benefits for its employees, the Group itself and society in general.

It is called "volunteering" because the employees do it freely, often during their own spare time (holidays, weekends, etc.) and "corporate" because it is an activity enhanced and supported by the company and one in which it has decided to invest.

The Group has been gradually extending its Corporate Volunteering Programme since 2005, offering associations and NGO's the professional potential and skills of the company's employees to help groups with different problems. During 2012, the company extended the Corporate Volunteering Programme to all the employees at LA SEXTA, which increases its ability to take action in society.

In addition, the company uses its communication media to raise awareness in society about the importance of this volunteer work and actively takes part in forums and organisations that promote Corporate Volunteering.



Since 2009 Atresmedia has been a member of the Advisory Board of the Corporate Volunteering Observatory which is designed to help companies to take decisions about corporate volunteering. In addition, in 2012 the group joined the Voluntare platform, the first international network of Third Sector companies and organisations to encourage corporate volunteering and help organisations to improve their programmes on this issue. As part of this collaboration, the group has participated in the "Study on the skills associated with corporate volunteering initiatives", and in various Focus Groups on the challenges facing volunteering.

Moreover, reflecting the company's commitment to volunteering, Atresmedia has signed a collaboration agreement with the Volunteers for Madrid Foundation to jointly run activities throughout 2013, and has joined the international initiative "City of Services" which will be launched in Madrid in 2013 with the aim of improving the social work in cities through volunteering. During 2012, employees have been involved in several corporate volunteer projects:

- 4th Corporate Volunteering Day for EVERYONE: 40 Volunteers from Atresmedia took part in the 4th Corporate Volunteering Day for EVERYONE with the Balia Foundation. During this day, they accompanied 170 children at risk of being excluded from society on a trip to Rascafría (Madrid region). The volunteers, along with their families and friends, worked as monitors and enjoyed spending the day with the children.

- 6th Company Solidarity Day: the 6th Company Solidarity Day was held in October, organised by Atresmedia and International Cooperation to simultaneously take place in Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Saragossa and Barcelona. More than 1,000 volunteers from 44 companies took part in this day to help more than 13,000 people from different groups, such as disabled people, people at risk of exclusion from society, etc.

- Atresmedia took part with 20 volunteers who accompanied elderly people from the Amigos de los Mayores Foundation and the ASISPA Residential Home.

Volunteers on "One Seed, One Life": Three Atresmedia employees participated as volunteers in the project run by the ANTENA 3 FOUNDATION "A Seed, A Life," with the goal of alleviating malnutrition in more than 400 children. The volunteers travelled to Mozambique and visited the different villages south of Maputo where the project is being run. For three weeks, these employees worked with the local mother and child hospital, with the collection of crops, as well as training the members of the local NGO in administrative duties.

Volunteers with "Operation Kilo" run by the Food Bank: 10 professionals from Atresmedia, along with their families and friends, have taken part as volunteers in "Operation Kilo" from the Food Bank. Thanks to their help, and that of hundreds of other people, the Food Banks collected 95 tons of food in the Madrid region.



Custom volunteering
In order to improve the Corporate Volunteering Programme and meet the needs and expectations of the employees, a study has been run using 130 opinion survey responses.

The study shows that the employees at Atresmedia are very proud of the programme and 94% are in favour of the company organising these activities. They show particular interest in helping three groups: children, the elderly and the disabled. In addition, 41% of the employees say that they have taken part in a volunteering activity with a charity. The following are viewed as the main benefits from volunteering:It improves personal and professional skills.

It improves the working environment and encourages pride in belonging.
It encourages relationships between employees.
It helps employees to become involved in social action initiatives. Lastly, the report identifies as the main area for improvement the need to offer more activities for families to foster among the children the benefits of volunteering and the extension of the volunteering activities to all the Group's offices around Spain, not just in the central offices in Madrid.

As a result of this active listening to employees and responding to their requests, the voluntary activity chosen for the Business Solidarity Day consisted in accompanying elderly people and this day was also extended to employees of the Group in Valencia and Barcelona.



Atresmedia applies an active occupational health and safety policy that goes beyond the risks in the workplace, and includes voluntary actions to prevent health problems and improve the health of the employees and their families.

Throughout 2012 the personnel were diligently informed on matters concerning occupational safety and health. Proof of this are the monthly meetings with the prevention delegates from the two unions that represent employees in the company.

In addition, jointly with the delegates, information, consultation and participation activities were carried out in relation to the following issues:
- Report on 2011 activities and 2012 programming.
- Employee Welcome Manual.
- Plan to Prevent Occupational Risks.
- Campaign to Prevent and Control Cholesterol Problems.
- Training-informative activity for interns and work experience staff.
- Organisation and results of the medical checks in 2012.
- Communication of the changes to the membership of the Health and Safety Committee and company representatives.


Proper prevention begins with raising awareness and training the workforce. Therefore, Atresmedia has during 2012 launched various initiatives designed to train and raise the awareness of employees about the importance of health and safety and creating healthy and safe working conditions.

-"Health and Safety affects everyone": an information tool placed on the Group's intranet, presenting practical examples and detailed information to improve the health and physical condition of the employees and their families. 
- Training for work experience staff: at the start of their time in the company, 65 summer work experience employees received specific training to improve their safety at work.
- Ongoing advisory initiatives: the professionals in the Department of Prevention and Health Services provide daily advice and guidance to employees who request it.

In addition, the Department of Prevention and Health Services has run several campaigns to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent health problems:

- Hearing campaign: a total of 406 employees have volunteered for hearing tests.
- Cholesterol campaign: after carrying out the medical tests, a campaign to prevent and control hypocholesterolemia in the 53 affected employees has been developed

To increase the dialogue with employees and identify new health and safety initiatives that meet the needs of the workforce, Atresmedia has launched initiatives such as the suggestions and ideas box so that they can, on a voluntary basis, reports issues or comment on any topic related to occupational health and safety.



During 2012 accidents that do not result in sick leave have improved considerably compared to the previous year, partly thanks to awareness initiatives and training courses. 50% of the accidents have been caused by commuting, i.e. during journeys to or from the workplace. 

In addition, all the absenteeism indices have fallen considerably, recording a total of 473 days lost. There have been far fewer cases of sick leave due to common and professional illnesses. This reduction is due to the preventative initiatives run and the unfavourable socio-economic climate.

Lastly, it is worth noting that during 2012 there was a general increase in all preventative activities. As evidence of this we can highlight the more than 400 medical check-ups and the more than 4,400 medical appointments, including advice, emergencies, tests and injections.


Randstad, the company for work solutions and Human Resource services, has named atresmedia as the second most attractive company to work for, within a ranking of organisations that best convey their appeal to the general public.

This position has been obtained on the basis of the response of 7,000 people surveyed for the report "Employer Branding: when perception becomes a reality," which was used to identify the most important factors for employees when seeking a company to work for.


In 2013 Atresmedia will continue strengthening and promoting the values included in its human resources and health and safety policies:

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