Quality, stable employment

The ANTENA 3 GROUP has a workforce of 1,849 employees, of which 81% have a long-term contract.

Calidad y estabilidad de empleo_en
Quality, stable employment | Antena 3 Group

Furthermore, the average seniority of our staff is 11 years. The ANTENA 3 GROUP workforce is young and the typical employee is between 30 and 45. The average age is 39.4.

The commitment to flexitime and work-life balance programs in order to facilitate, for example, the possibility of allowing workers to voluntarily rotate between cities.

The rotations considered as voluntary lay-offs at the company stand at very low levels (4.3%), equal to the levels registered in 2010, and only one point above 2009.

Antena 3 Group | Madrid | 29/05/2012

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