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Atresmedia's environmental policy involves taking on a real and ambitious environmental commitment, which exceeds the legal requirements established by the current legislation in this area. This commitment is turned into specific action when establishing the annual targets aimed at improving energy efficiency, minimising waste and raising awareness about the environment.

Atresmedia, Sustainable Environmental Management
Atresmedia's environmental policy involves taking on a real and ambitious environmental commitment, which exceeds the legal requirements established by the current legislation in this area. This commitment is turned into specific action when establishing the annual targets aimed at improving energy efficiency, minimising waste and raising awareness about the environment.

Atresmedia is required to disseminate these values and commitments to the people working in the company and to society in general. In light of these considerations, two main areas of action have been established:
- Minimise the environmental impact of all the activities carried out by the group.
- Raise awareness about environmental protection and improvements.


Atresmedia established for 2012 some environmental challenges that are intended to create a model for management. The following table shows the degree to which each challenge has been fulfilled:


Year after year Atresmedia launches innovative projects and ideas that promote energy efficiency in all the company's activities. In this context, when purchasing new equipment, it ensures that only the absolutely essential amount of energy is used.

In 2012, new energy saving initiatives were implemented and initiatives already undertaken in previous years were continued, among which the following are worth noting:

It has also invested €17,887 in HVAC systems in buildings and facilities, such as replacing aluminium windows with double glazing, incorporating sunscreens and waterproofing and insulating roofs. Moreover, this year Atresmedia has implemented new projects to reduce energy expenditure:

- Optimization of space by grouping staff: this has freed-up a total of 4,750 m2, which has resulted in an annual energy saving of 225,000 kWh/year through not using lighting and air conditioning equipment. The investment in this initiative amounted to €10,978.
- Server Virtualisation: this has grouped several servers into one, optimizing technical and environmental resources. Through this initiative, we have obtained higher utilization rates (up to 90% of the resources), reduced the total energy consumption and saved space. 
- Control and reduction of hours of use of outdoor lighting: this has resulted in energy savings of 7.5 kWh/year.
- Control of fuel consumption for transport: in 2012, ANTENA 3 and ONDA CERO's vehicles have consumed 1,757 fewer litres of fuel, compared to 2011.
- Reduce CO2 emissions. In 2012 work continued to raise awareness among staff, so that their first preference is to take national journeys by rail rather than fly.

The following charts show the effectiveness of energy saving measures promoted from within the company:


The global consumption of natural resources is growing exponentially, and so that future generations can enjoy them we need to use them responsibly and sustainably.To this end, during 2012 ATRESMEDIA continued with its commitment to efficiency in resources consumption and, therefore, has run a series of initiatives to control and reduce this:

- Replacing the old water collector with another more effective one. An investment of €980.
- Improving the sewage network through a sanitary well. This reduces possible leakage and makes it easier to take samples for analysis. The investment for this initiative was €5,862.
- Preventive maintenance of facilities to prevent water leakage and improve efficiency. The actions taken have included cleaning the water filters, testing water circuits and burners for the boilers and cleaning HVAC coils.
- Measures taken to improve printing efficiency and reduce paper use. In 2012, thanks to multifunction copiers (machines that scan, send and receive faxes, photocopy, etc.), we have managed to reduce white paper consumption by more than 7%. The amount of printing has been reduced through scanning documents for display on the screen or emailing.
- Reduction in toner cartridges. The aforementioned multifunction copiers have led to a reduction in 2012 in toner consumption of 6%, therefore reducing the amount to be recycled.

Atresmedia consumes water from the public network. After its use, it is correctly poured into the sewerage system to be treated and purified along with the rest of the public waste. At no time is there any uncontrolled dumping.

The following table shows the evolution of consumption of the other resources used:

In parallel with the minimisation of the resources consumed, Atresmedia recycles, where possible, those materials and products that can be reused to extend the life of its components. This type of measure includes examples such as:

- Reuse of partitions and office furniture. This measure has led to an increase, compared to 2011, of 176% in the reuse of screens.
- Reduction of paper recycled due to the format change from print to digital media.

Below you can see the progress made on the reuse of resources by Atresmedia that are still of value:


The gradual minimisation of the amount of waste generated is one of the main priorities for Atresmedia in environmental management.

Thanks to the acquisition of multifunction copiers, paper and cardboard waste has been reduced by 3.3 tonnes, a reduction of 4.5% compared to last year. Awareness raising activities have also been conducted to encourage reuse policies by the company's suppliers to ensure that they comply with the group's environmental policy.

The most notable landmark in waste management during 2012 was a significant reduction in the number of building projects with a direct impact on the existing spaces and the encouragement of the good use of existing partitioning and layouts. This initiative has led to a 70.74% reduction in the rubble resulting from this type of activity.

Going beyond waste reduction, during 2012 the effectiveness of some measures aimed at improving its efficient storage and management was verified. These measures include:

- Using official sheets to control waste.
- Reclassification of waste through good internal management.


Stopping climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenges of the 21st century. The companies committed to this task should work towards more sustainable, low-carbon models.To this end, for the first time in 2012 Atresmedia has responded to the questionnaire from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), informing its stakeholders about the policies and actions carried out by the group in relation to climate change. The CDP means a greater commitment to tackling climate change since it is a voluntary initiative that encourages transparency and a shift towards sustainability in companies around the world.

Similarly, in 2012 the company has run several initiatives aimed at reducing emissions levels, such as the replacement in 17 cooling systems of greenhouse gases (gases with a greenhouse effect if they leak) with ecological gas that has no impact on the ozone layer. This initiative, coordinated by the Operational Management Department, will be gradually rolled out until 2015.

Additionally, Atresmedia's consumption of electricity produces an indirect emission of 4,942 tCO2 (Source: IBERDROLA electricity mix 2011 data).Other initiatives aimed at minimising the harmful effects on the ozone layer of ATRESMEDIA's activities are:

- Preventative maintenance of boilers
- Control of boiler use schedules
- Minimising studio use

These and other measures have helped to significantly reduce NOx emissions. On the other hand, although the increases in SOx and CO compared to 2011 are significant, the absolute values are still very low, under the 99.8% required by law.

HAZTE ECO: Atresmedia's Environmental initiative
Hazte Eco has become Atresmedia's leading campaign for the protection and defence of the environment. The NEOX channel and Greenpeace work together closely to run initiatives that contribute to environmental sustainability.

Launched more than two years ago, the campaign has involved important environmental CAUSES, such as the collection and delivery of more than 10,300 signatures to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment asking for a reduction of CO2 emissions, and the creation of a fortnightly news programme on environmental issues on the NEOX Canal. In 2012, 26 news programmes were broadcast with a combined audience of 3,655,000 viewers. These have addressed issues such as light pollution, renewable energy, reforestation, green buildings, recycling and plant biodiversity, among others.

In 2012, Hazte Eco has increased its efforts in environmental protection with important actions, such as the initiative for the reforestation of forests with WWF, one of the most important nature conservation organisations in the world, to repopulate the more than 180,000 Spanish hectares burned in 2012. The aim of this initiative was to create The Antena 3 and WWF forest. To achieve this, both entities launched a fundraising campaign, supported by commercials and awareness raising messages across all of Atresmedia's media. The campaign ended with around 14,000 SMS messages of support and the funds raised were used to plant 3,500 holm oaks, oak trees and cork oaks.

Another of the new initiatives developed by Hazte Eco in 2012 is "Save the Arctic". The Arctic icecap, on which we all depend, is disappearing at an alarming rate. As a result, Greenpeace has promoted this campaign in more than 40 countries, and Hazte Eco has added its support through collecting signatures to ask for the uninhabited areas of the Arctic to be declared a World Heritage site. In 2012, 3,044 signatures were collected on the Hazte Eco website.

Also during 2012, Hazte Eco was present at the FesTVal in Vitoria, European Green Capital 2012, holding an environmental contest asking internet users and everyone at the television festival to share ideas on how to 'Be Ecological' and care for the environment, serving as an example for others.

Hazte Eco is also very popular on the social networks, with a total of 3,832 fans for its Facebook profile and 3,548 followers on Twitter.


As part of its model of continuous improvement in environmental management, each year Atresmedia establishes a series of objectives aligned with its environmental policy.



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