Training plan

The Training Plan has been one of the pillars of the ANTENA 3 GROUP’s career development strategy for the last three years.

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Training plan | Antena 3 Group

Each year the Training Plan draws up a program and schedule of courses designed for the Group’s workforce, aimed at the transversal (languages, skills, values, safety and hygiene, etc.) and function needs of the unit or position (finance, HR management, etc.) held by each employee.

Currently, the Group offers over 350 courses, which are given either in person or via e-learning (online or virtual training). These courses cover a wide range of topics such as the development of certain skills, communications, new technologies or languages, although the most requested are those related to “change management” (mainly due to the outsourcing of processes that do not form part of the core-business).

In 2011, 542 employees have participated in training programs. They were given a total of 16,018 hours of training, which is equal to an average of 23.3 hours per person.

Antena 3 Group | Madrid | 29/05/2012

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