Annual And Corporate Responsibility Report 2017

Neox (2.5%): Leading prime time special-interest channel by advertising target audience (3.3%) Nova (2.2%): Leading women’s special-interest channel Mega (1.8%): Leading men’s special-interest channel Broadcast Thousands Share El chiringuito de jugones. Its best year since the start of its broadcast 245,000 4.6 Atreseries (1.1%): Leading new special-interest channel According to the latest TV image survey conducted by Personality Media, Antena 3 and laSexta were the Spanish public’s favourite channels. The survey analyses 11 catego- ries, and one or another of Atresmedia Televisión’s flagship channels has the lead in eight of those categories. | 52 |  5. WHAT DO WE DO? ATRESMEDIA  |  ANNUAL AND CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2017