For the last five years, Atresmedia Volunteers and their families have been periodically assisting this social soup kitchen in Madrid that serves every day more than 700 people without resources in the area. A solidary activity that seeks to achieve Sustainable Development Goal number 2: 'Zero Hunger' from a local perspective.

The soup kitchen needs the help of volunteers to develop its work, which is why Atresmedia wanted to formalize its commitment to the center in 2013 through a collaboration agreement. Thus, volunteering in the soup kitchen has become a reference activity in the Group's Volunteering Program, in which more than 170 people have already participated.

The first acitvity of the year took place in February, when 14 Atresmedia Volunteers who went with their family and friends helped in kitchen duties, preparing lunch meals, serving the soup kitchen beneficiaries and cleaning after the service.