Atresmedia mission: to broadcast a varied, innovative and high quality news and entertainment offerings that respond to our stakeholders in order to win their trust and thereby ensuring the leadership position and sustainability of the Group.

Annual and Corporate Responsibility Report 2013

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Atresmedia had a historic year and was strengthened due to its accurate strategy and placed itself in a magnificent position to address 2014, which we hope will be the turning point towards growth.

2013 was also marked by the merger with laSexta, a challenge we overcame successfully in record time, and which made us bigger and consolidated Atresmedia as the referential communications group in our country.


Atresmedia was consolidated as the most profitable audiovisual company in Spain, adding its best historical audience figures to an impeccable brand.

We ended 2013 with the certainty that we had done a good job. We had been able to get through the difficult times, we demonstrated the strength of our model, and we now address our future with confidence.

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