Financial results

2016, the year with the highest revenues in Atresmedia’s history

Atresmedia reported excellent results in 2016. It achieved its highest ever revenues; higher even than those reported in 2007 when the conventional advertising market was 34 % bigger than it is today. Thanks to the strong performance of all its media and platforms, the Company’s net revenues, EBITDA and net profit all increased compared to 2016.

The advertising market in conventional media was worth a total of 5,234.7 million euros, up 4.3 % on the previous year, according to Infoadex.

  • Net revenue totalled 1,021.1 million euros, up 5.2 % on the 970.2 million euros reported for 2015.
  • EBITDA for the year totalled 201.9 million euros,with a margin on net revenue of 19.8 % compared with 17.0 % in 2015.
  • Net profit for the year increased by 30.1 % to 129.2 million euros.
  • TThe distributed economic value in the year amounted to 738.7 million euros.

Atresmedia Televisión

The revenues generated by Atresmedia’s Television Division increased markedly in the year; in fact, it reported its highest ever revenues despite operating in a market that has shrunk by 39 % since its peak in 2007. Although it operates one channel fewer than its main competitor, it has succeeded in developing a varied and competitive range of programming with attractive content that has resulted in impressive audience figures.

The Division’s financial results improved as a result in 2016:

  • Net revenue totalled 909.5 million euros, up 6.1 % on the 857.4 million euros reported for 2015.
  • EBITDA for the year totalled 169.4 million euros, an increase of 26.9 % on 2015 and with a margin on net revenue of 18.6 %.

Atresmedia Radio

The Radio Division of the Company has released solid results despite the lower growth shown by the advertising radio market. The strength of the grid of the radio channels, renewed in 2015, together with the cost control, make Atresmedia Radio the most profitable radio company in Spain, with an EBITDA Margin on sales of 24 %.

  • Net revenue totalled 82.2 million euros, down 8.6 % on the 89.9 million euros reported for 2015.
  • As costs were contained to almost the same extent by which revenues fell, EBITDA for the year totalled 19.7 million euros.
  • The EBITDA margin on Net Revenues of the Radio Division maintained the same level of 2015: 24 %.

Distribution of profit

The proposed distribution of the profit for the year 2016 that the Company’s directors will submit for approval by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting is as follows (in thousands of euros):

Interim dividends paid in 2016 (EUR 0.22/share) 49,487
Maximum final dividend (EUR 0.25/share) 56,433
To voluntary reserves 18,569
TOTAL 124,489