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Atresmedia actively contributes to sustainable progress and development through a social commitment policy that seeks to generate a positive contribution and significant impact on people.

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This policy results in a strategy with three main lines of action: use of the broadcasting strength of the Group's media channels to help society, collaboration with NGOs and supporting children and young people through the work of Fundación Atresmedia. This strategy aims to help address the needs of the most vulnerable groups and raise awareness about the most urgent social problems, seeking solutions.

Our commitments:

•Combat the high accident rate on Spanish roads and help save lives through Ponle Freno

• Raise awareness and carry out initiatives to defend and protect the environment through Hazte Eco

•Raise awareness in society about the importance of living a healthy life in every way through Objetivo Bienestar.

•Defend and recognise the value of Intellectual Property and raise awareness of the consequences of its violation trhough Crea Cultura.

•Promote high quality medical research and health prevention through awareness initiatives and specific actions that boost advances in the medical and scientific fields through Constantes y Vitales.

•Guarantee that infancy and young people, have the necessary support for their well-being and training, as well as to raise awareness about their rights, needs and interests through the Fundación Atresmedia.

The Group is also involved in other causes with social impact and works with non-profit organisations to achieve greater awareness and support for the causes which it promotes. These include preventing evictions with the Red Cross, battling child poverty in Spain with SOS Children’s Villages, fighting against food waste with FESBAL (Spanish Federation of Food Banks) and preventing forest fires with WWF-ADENA.

Atresmedia | Madrid | 25/04/2012

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