The call for applications, opened in October 2021 following the signing of the collaboration agreement between the two entities, envisaged awarding a minimum of 10 training scholarships, with the possibility of extending them to a total of 20 places. After its launch, and due to the great success, 22 training scholarships for people with disabilities have finally been awarded.

The beneficiaries have been able to choose the Atresmedia Formación course that best suits their interests and needs. Atresmedia, for its part, has financed 80% of the cost of the course. The scholarship holders have had the opportunity to learn about different subjects related to the audiovisual and business sector from highly experienced professionals.

Some of the students' testimonies, such as that of Siran Simovan (37 years old), who chose the News Production course, help us to better understand the scope of such a training opportunity: "When I started the course I knew I had been lucky. The knowledge and information I received was unbeatable. Friendly, familiar treatment, teachers with extensive experience who, taking advantage of the Atresmedia facilities, expanded the plan and the curriculum. Thanks to Atresmedia and the Randstad Foundation, I have had the opportunity to do it as an intern. It has been a great experience that I hope to be able to repeat".

Ylenia Caro (25 years old), another of the scholarship recipients of the Entertainment TV (non-fiction) Scriptwriting course, comments that "the training has been very complete. I would highlight the closeness of the sector’s professional, Nieves Álvarez, with the students and her passion when explaining. It is a very good opportunity for those of us who work in the audiovisual world to continue learning from great professionals".

The alliance between Atresmedia and the Randstad Foundation aims to work towards the integration of people with disabilities in the audiovisual sector and to open up specialised employment opportunities for this target group.

Atresmedia Formación has a wide range of online training courses which, thanks to these grants, users of Randstad Foundation have been able to access. Impact online communication, content creation in social networks and the production and creation of audiovisual projects are some of the disciplines which they have been able to train.

Randstad Foundation

The Randstad Foundation was created in 2004 with the mission of achieving equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Its work consists of developing their employability, through social and labour insertion itineraries aligned with the professional opportunities offered by the companies they work for, which are also helped to develop integration plans for their staff and corporate diversity projects.

Since its creation, the Randstad Foundation has assisted a total of 44,146 people, has trained 15,618 people and has achieved 15,702 contracts aimed at promoting the integration of people with disabilities and people at risk of exclusion into the labour market.