Atresmedia, being aware of the influence that has on society as a mass media, has signed this deontological code with the aim to support communication professionals in the elaboration of information that is respectful to children and teenagers. The Guide offers recommendations and a list of 26 pieces of advice that highlight important aspects such as the use of stereotype-free language, the use of reliable sources and the use of different protocols to interview or use images of children and teenagers.

In the words of Pedro Puig, President of Aldeas Infantiles SOS “This Guide and Code of Ethics intends to be a practical at the service of journalism students and professionals. In a globalized and digitized world, having materials like this one makes daily life easier for newsrooms, providing them with resources that favour the safeguarding of the rights of the most vulnerable.

These Guide and Code of Ethics mean a step forward to support communication professionals in the task of making a more committed journalists with the children and adolescents.