2011 Highlights

Antena 3 Group incorporates Corporate Responsibility in its Mission, Vision and Values The company has reinforced the integration of corporate responsibility in its organization. A key part of its Mission is to win the trust of stakeholders, while its Vision entails making a valuable and positive contribution to society, and its Values, to embody quality and commitment.

Easily complying with the 2010-2012 Corporate Responsibility Master PlanThe CR Master Plan, approved in 2010, with a three year window for its application defines the lines of action needed to put Antena 3 Group at “the forefront of Corporate Responsibility in the Spanish audiovisual sector”. In 2011, the Plan has progressed more than expected, and has already achieved a degree of compliance of over 76% in only the first two years of the implementation period.

The Code of Conduct by the Antena 3 Group marks a new phase in the company’s organizational culture.

The approval of the Code of Conduct by the Antena 3 Group’s Board of Directors, marks a new phase in the company’s organizational culture.


Vista aérea de la 3ª Carrera Ponle Freno

This document is a fundamental tool for providing guidance to employees, executives and members of the Group’s management bodies in all of their actions. Furthermore, the Code is perfectly integrated with the rest of the policies, values, and principles in force in the organization.

El Estiron: a new addition to the Ponle Freno, Hazte Eco and Vive Conectado initiatives  El Estirón is the new Corporate Responsibility initiative being rolled out by Antena 3 Group to increase awareness and sensitize Spanish society, especially among parents and educators, about the importance of teaching youth good eating habits and promoting physical activity, in order to avoid health problems caused by child besity.

The Antena 3 Foundation designs its new Strategic Plan After five years of hard work and in the spirit of constant renewal and improvement, the Antena 3 Foundation has designed a new strategic plan in order to optimize the possible synergies with the Group and to become the leading foundation in the audiovisual sector.

Antena 3 Group | Madrid | 19/05/2012

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