Integrated Report 2018

2018 Activities

Atresmedia Televisión

Atresmedia Corporación

Atresmedia Televisión entrenched its leadership as a yardstick for news media in 2018. Ours was the audiovisual group that grew the most over the year, attaining an audience share of 26.8%. We led afternoon and early fringe viewing, while prime-time was one of our strongest slots.

Atresmedia was the group most favourably perceived by the public and put out the best quality content and news, according to the 2018 Personality Media poll.

Our Series Atresmedia label again produced several hit shows, entrenching our leading position in the fiction series arena in Spain and internationally. Money Heist (La casa de papel) made history by winning the first Emmy for a series produced in Spain. Another Atresmedia production, Fariña, won the Ondas Prize for “best Spanish series”, and other awards.

The Antena 3 and laSexta news programmes were the only TV news properties to show audience growth in 2018.

Antena 3

Antena 3 saw sustained audience loyalty, at 12.3%, as the leading afternoon channel, and rose two points to reach a five-year high (13.3%). Our news programmes climbed to absolute leadership for the first time in twelve years. Our fiction series and premieres were the year’s biggest viewership hits, such as Cuerpo de élite, La catedral del mar and Fariña.

The channel also screened the most widely watched daily show, El hormiguero 3.0, which again outperformed all rivals in the prime-time slot.

Antena 3 Noticias had a record year as the most watched news show, drawing an average share of 14.4% and nearly two million viewers, up +1.8 points over 2017. From Monday to Friday, our news flagship was the absolute leader in the afternoons, and was the news outlet with the highest share across all TV channels (17.1%). It was also the news broadcast that grew the most (close to +4 points).


Atreseries had its best-ever year, winning an audience share of 1.2%, celebrating its third anniversary and becoming the leading new second-generation channel.

Atresmedia Corporación


laSexta ended 2018 with an average audience share of 6.9%, ahead of its immediate competitor for the sixth consecutive year and achieving the largest annual gap between the two (+0.9). It beat its historic rival in all time slots, from breakfast to prime time, and prevailed in terms of target audience (7.4%).

This year, too, the laSexta’s news coverage philosophy made it a leading exponent of the industry. On 31 May 2018, the special feature Al rojo vivo: Objetivo Presidencia made huge waves, winning 14.9% audience share and close to 2.6 million viewers. The Al rojo vivo: Objetivo Andalucía special show was also a hit, conquering an absolute lead among news sources on the Andalusia regional elections.

In 2018 laSexta Noticias, in its twelfth year, for the seventh year running held onto its lead over its main competitor with 10.2% audience share, achieving its second highest historical score.


Neox, our youth special-interest channel, drew an average audience share of 2.4% and remained the leading theme channel in terms of prime-time target audience. Its afternoon share rose to its best-ever annual figure in that slot (2.9%) thanks to The Simpsons, who led both Monday to Friday and at weekends.

Atresmedia Corporación


Nova, with 2.4%, achieved its second-highest annual result and was the leading women’s-interest channel for sixteen consecutive months. It grew to the best figure in its history for prime time (2.7%) and was the leading specialty channel. Fatmagül was its most-watched series ever, drawing an average audience share of 4.1%.


Mega was the leading men’s-interest channel in its target audience with 1.6%. El chiringuito de Jugones was a one of its hit shows again this year, taking the lead among specialty channels with 4.5%, its second-highest annual figure ever.

Atresmedia Radio

3.7 million listeners a day tuned into Atresmedia’s radio stations, which set the pace for credibility, diversity and closeness to real people.

Atresmedia Corporación

Onda Cero

We ended the year as the only major private station with more listeners, climbing to almost two million and outperforming the general-interest radio market by a factor of three. Listener perception scores show we are one of the most trusted radio sources.

Europa FM and Melodía FM

The very best entertainment and the most varied musical mix attract some 1.8 million listeners each day to Europa FM and Melodía FM, the musical formulas of Atresmedia Radio.

Atresmedia Publicidad

Atresmedia Publicidad was again the leading advertising marketer in Spain in terms of total media share.

In all its target media the division outperformed the wider market as measured by effectiveness ratio.

Our ability to offer the best service and find the best solution for our clients has made Atresmedia Publicidad the highest-rated multimedia advertising provider for advertisers and research and innovation leaders.

Atresmedia Studios

Atresmedia Group’s youngest division, which produces content for third parties, took its first steps: we sold El embarcadero, from the creators of La casa de papel (aka Money Heist), to Movistar +, and produced Pequeñas coincidencias for Amazon Prime Video.

Atresmedia Corporación

Atresmedia Diversificación

This Division, which operates the Group’s four international channels, exceeded 55 million subscribers, and held onto its lead as the largest private European operator by number of channels and subscribers.

Atresmedia Cine

In 2018, Atresmedia Cine produced 1.4% of all titles playing at theatres, accounting for 5.5% of total box office earnings. Atresmedia’s film division produced 5.9% of total Spanish film titles, commanding 29.9% of total box office takings for Spanish films.