Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Atresmedia Corporación

This is the first time I have the pleasure of addressing you, so allow me to begin this message by sharing my excitement for the challenge I have embraced as Chief Executive Officer of Atresmedia. I could not be happier with the historic results we achieved in 2022, which have made us the undisputed leading media group in Spain and the outlet of choice among the public for both news and entertainment.

All of us who make Atresmedia what it is have worked tirelessly and remained faithful to our commitment to excellence, responsible management and strong financial performance. As in previous years, we have done so in the face of extreme adversity, not only a product of the uncertainty inherent in our sector, but also due to the global socio-political and socioeconomic events that directly impacted our business.

We strongly believe that the media sector has a key role to play in championing sustainability, especially from the cultural, social and political realms. To achieve this, all of us at Atresmedia have endeavoured to build a more socially sustainable audiovisual industry, one that generates shared value through the content it produces. We offer our audiences a diverse and high quality selection of entertainment and news coverage and we are widely respected for our tenacious fact-checking as we seek to encourage reflection and critical thinking and fight disinformation. Based on this approach to business, Atresmedia closed out 2022 with revenues of EUR 950.8 million, net profit of EUR 112.9 million and an EBITDA of EUR 172.8 million, showing that it is possible to combine business growth with a high sense of social responsibility.

We are proud to be the spearhead of the Spanish audiovisual sector; an industrial powerhouse that generates thousands of direct and indirect jobs here in Spain, nurtures our country’s talent and makes its creative wealth and productions visible all over the world. Atresmedia is the main energising force of the local audiovisual industry, investing over the last two years more than 200 million euros in independent production companies with which we have worked on more than a hundred projects. Creating value within society and leading the growth of our sector have always been among our main pursuits as an organisation.

By areas of activity, Atresmedia Televisión ended the year as the leading media group, with an audience share of 27.2%. Antena 3 became the most watched channel, achieving a 13.9% audience share and attracting an average of 12.8 million viewers per day, placing it top of the table for 14 months straight. The channel offers unrivalled news coverage and a fantastic newsroom team, who have succeeded in making Antena 3 Noticias the leading news channel for five years in a row. In 2022, it achieved its best result in 15 years, earning a 19.3% share of the market. We are also proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of laSexta as an integral part of the Group. The channel has managed to cement its position as the third most watched private channel on television, with a 6.1% audience share.

We are proud to be the spearhead of the Spanish audiovisual sector; an industrial powerhouse that generates thousands of direct and indirect jobs here in Spain, nurtures our country’s talent and makes its creative wealth and productions visible all over the world

We are acutely aware of new and emerging consumer trends and remain firmly committed to offering formats tailored to the needs and preferences of our audiences. We have continued to release original and exclusive content on our OTT platform ATRESplayer, with series such as Cardo, which won the Ondas Award and the Feroz Award for best drama series, La Ruta and La Edad de la Ira, which attracted 2.6 million unique visitors in 2022 and more than four hundred thousand subscribers for ATRESplayer Premium, consolidating the growth of our pay television services. Thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality original fiction, we produced the highest-grossing Spanish film of the year in 2022, generating revenues of more than EUR 15.5 million: Padre no hay más que uno 3. We also managed to squeeze two other feature films into the top 5 by viewer numbers, Los Renglones Torcidos de Dios and Padre no hay más que uno 2. I could not possibly end this review of our audiovisual activity during the period without mentioning the success of the Atresmedia Internacional linear channels (Antena 3, Atreseries, Atrescine and ¡Hola! TV), which ended the year with 65 million subscriber households, up 13% on 2021 and demonstrating the strength of our products and services in spite of the fierce competition.

Atresmedia Radio also achieved excellent audience figures, attracting a total of 2.6 million listeners across its three stations. Onda Cero, with 1.774 million listeners, reported its best figure since 2015 and managed to increase its audience by 4.5% compared to 2021, thanks to its efforts to deliver truthful and quality information and spend more time on local and regional news and events, illustrating its clear commitment to moving closer to its listeners. I would also like to highlight the excellent results achieved by Más de uno, helmed by Carlos Alsina, which delivered news and entertainment to some 1.4 million people each morning and added 59,000 new followers (+4.4%) in the period. Meanwhile, Julia en la Onda delivered its best-ever result, reaching 590,000 listeners on average, an increase of 61,000 listeners (+11.5%). We were also keen to continue innovating in 2022, as we focused on new formats to boost the consumption of audio content.

Just as our audiovisual offer has successfully adapted to changing consumer habits, our advertising strategy has responded equally well to the changing needs of advertisers. As a result, Atresmedia Publicidad remained, for yet another year, one of the forerunners in new advertising formulas, successfully implementing innovative proposals that combine – better than any other competitor – the powerful coverage of our mass media with the precise outreach provided by big data. And we did all this while ensuring the safest environment and protecting the sustainability of the advertising industry through self-regulation, truth, diversity and quality of service.

We are proud of our roots, but innovating and investing in new businesses that are not dependent on traditional advertising makes us even stronger as a business group. As it happens, our diversification activity makes a substantial contribution to the Group’s EBITDA, thanks to our strategy of acquiring equity stakes in start-ups and investing in business models relating to the so-called silver economy, geared towards providing care and support for the elderly.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to be engaged with the society in which we operate. For yet another year, we honoured our commitment of making our content a vehicle for promoting equality and diversity. In 2022, we subtitled 93% of television content, we broadcast EUR 24.4 million worth of free advertising campaigns for NGOs, and we worked with the Emergency Committee to provide a rapid response to the humanitarian needs arising from the conflict in Ukraine. Meanwhile, our brand new Hablando en plata initiative looked to showcase the true value of the elderly by encouraging society to see them in a different light and showing that their experience and knowledge is a valuable asset for our society.

All of these achievements were made possible by the work and commitment shown by our more than 2,500 employees and our other partners. Atresmedia is proud to have a highly qualified team that demonstrates a strong sense of belonging with each day that goes by and its engagement with the objectives and purposes pursued by the company. Atresmedia will continue to train its employees and has increased its training hours by 278%, as we seek to ensure the continuous improvement of the organisation by expanding and honing the skills of our employees.

I dearly hope that 2023 will bring us continued success as we continue to uphold our values and our approach to business. We understand the magnitude of the challenges that lie ahead and take full responsibility for overcoming them. We will work even harder to deliver on the firm commitments we have made to our stakeholders and to continue to earn their trust.