On December 23, 1,000 people enjoyed a Christmas dinner, thanks to hundreds of volunteers who made it possible. Among other tasks, Atresmedia volunteers carried out cooking duties, wrapped gifts, set up tables, or served as waiters during the dinner, which also had the selfless collaboration of more than 100 chefs.

A total of 26 Atresmedia volunteers, consisting of employees, their family members and friends, attended this edition to make it possible.

The event took place at the Cuatro Vientos, in Madrid and was organized by Compañía de las Obras (CdO). 'Te invito a Cenar' (I invite you to dinner) provides a Christmas celebration each year for people who cannot access one on their own. These individuals, who are accompanied throughout the year by eight social organizations (Banco de Solidaridad, ONG Cesal, Bocatas, Fundación Acogida, Casa de San Antonio, Hermanas de la Caridad de la Asunción, and Estela de Cometa), attended the dinner with volunteer individuals and reference families."