The Atresmedia Volunteers lived a different day, enjoying the countryside and learning about bees, at the Ecocolmena headquarters in Escopete, Guadalajara. After taking a walk and reaching the apiary area, they organized themselves into groups to get to work.

After an introductory talk about the world of bees, their types, their work and their way of organization, they rotated carrying out different activities. They planted several almond trees and an arbutus to help reforest the area and also created living roofs to place on top of the beehives in summer and thus help in their cooling.

Lastly, they put on their beekeeping outfits and visited some of the hives to see first-hand how bees are organized, what the drones look like, and try to visualize the queen bee.

Thanks to Ecocolmena they were able to understand that bees are closely related to their environment and taking care of the environment that surrounds them is vital to guarantee their survival and good health.