This observatory was born with the mission of promoting and strengthening a culture of governance and transparency in the information media in Spain and Latin America, understanding information governance as the set of policies and procedures that guide the various decision-making bodies (board of directors, committee management and editorial) to safeguard editorial independence and credibility.

Atresmedia, as a responsible media outlet committed to the sustainable management of its activity, subscribes to the initiative and will continue to promote and strengthen the culture of transparency and good governance, as it has been doing for all these years, through specific mechanisms of those that the Group has and the different public reports that show Atresmedia's commitment to the transparency of its management and, which include, for example, the Financial and Non-Financial Statements, the ARCG or the IAGC or its periodic finantial communications.

Furthermore, to guarantee independence, impartiality, and good practices in the dissemination of content, the Atresmedia Group has codes of ethics that mark the lines of action of its two main news programs, Antena 3 Noticias and laSexta Noticias, as well as a Television Committee which meets periodically to exhaustively review the contents, paying special attention to the independence of its professionals and the representation of all currents of opinion and plurality of ideas.

Another example of good practices in terms of information governance related to content production is that the contracting process with foreign entities is carried out within the territories covered by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), thus preventing related operations with tax havens, money laundering, the financing of terrorist activities or any other type of illicit activity, thus minimizing possible damage to society.