In this conference, held in person and broadcast by streaming for the workers of all the Atresmedia offices, González taught several techniques to develop healthy emotional management and deal with day-to-day stress.

More than 150 employees attended the event (in person or virtually) and participated with their questions in the talk. The event was recorded so that all those who could not attend could watch the conference at any time and learn how to incorporate small actions that allow them to better manage stressors. Something that, as Mónica González explained, is applicable to both the work and the personal environment.

Some of the topics that were discussed were: Emotional pressure in uncertainty, Key ingredients to stay on track, Daily habits that protect mental health, and Resilience and anti-fragility; all of them focused on the search for personal well-being through our thoughts and actions.

Mónica González is a Naval Engineer from the UPM, an expert in Railway Engineering, Life Coach, an expert in Railway Engineering and presenter of the podcast 'Understand your mind' together with Luis Muiño.