Capaz Scholarships

The collaboration agreement with the Eurofirms Foundation, signed on May 29, is part of the Capaz Scholarships program, promoted by the Atresmedia Group. The program aims to improve job placement and equal opportunities for people with disabilities, especially in the audiovisual sector. This initiative already involves other entities committed to this goal, such as Fundación Universia, Fundación Randstad, Fundación Capacis, and Fundación Integra, and has awarded scholarships to more than 200 people with disabilities since its launch in 2021.

Through this agreement, ten Eurofirms Foundation users will receive one of the Capaz Scholarships, 80% funded by Atresmedia, allowing them to take a course from the Atresmedia Formación catalog of their choice. The agreement was signed at the headquarters of the audiovisual group by Atresmedia's Corporate General Director, Patricia Pérez, and the Regional Director of Madrid for the Foundation.

Present at the signing were Paula Ruiz (D&I Advisor) and Miriam Robres de Veciana (Communication Specialist) from the Eurofirms Foundation, while Atresmedia was represented by Susana Gato (Director of Corporate Responsibility and Deputy Director of the Atresmedia Foundation), Lucio Fernández (Director of Human Resources), and Gracia de Miguel (Corporate Responsibility Projects).

“At Atresmedia Group, we support the talent of people with disabilities by launching projects such as the Capaz Scholarships, which aim to improve their employment opportunities by promoting their training. We are very proud to have awarded nearly 200 scholarships over these four years and that leading entities in the labor integration of this group have supported our project. Today, we are pleased to add the collaboration of the Eurofirms Foundation, which will allow us to continue enhancing the Capaz Scholarships,” said Patricia Pérez.

Ainhoa González, Regional Leader of the Eurofirms Foundation, commented, “At Eurofirms Foundation, we offer training scholarships aimed at improving the employability of people with disabilities. The collaboration with Atresmedia represents a great opportunity to open new doors for those who wish to develop their talent in the audiovisual sector. With this alliance, we reaffirm our commitment to inclusion and equal opportunities.”

Talk on Unconscious Bias

Along with this initiative and to continue building an inclusive environment, the Atresmedia Group has also launched another initiative as part of European Diversity Month: organizing the interactive talk ‘Unconscious Bias: Making the Invisible Visible’ for its employees. This talk, given by diversity management and unconscious bias expert Celia Pérez, covered topics such as the differences between diversity and inclusion, equity or equality, the types of diversity that exist, unconscious biases and their influence on professional and personal interactions, as well as their recognition and management, and the importance of exercising inclusive leadership.

About a hundred employees attended the talk, held both in-person and online at the Atresmedia facilities.