Despite not being a carbon-intensive company, given the nature of its activity, Atresmedia is aware of the role it plays in society and, therefore, assumes the commitment to generate the least possible negative impact on its surroundings and the environment, as well as raising awareness about the need to act to stop climate change.

Proof of this commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement is that the Company has reported its climate performance to CDP since 2013, making its responses and results public. Thus, in 2023, Atresmedia has completed 10 years of presenting the report with a unique recognition of its efforts in the matter: its best rating since this practice began. In 2013, the communication group took its first steps in climate reporting within the initiative and in 2020 it achieved, for the first time, the B score. The Group's climate strategy and its efforts to improve its performance each year have led it to progressively increase its grade until crowning 2023 with its best score: A-.

An achievement that has been possible thanks to the development of actions and strategies aligned with its business, among which stand out, among others, the purchase of energy from renewable sources for more than 90% of its operations since 2020, the design of a Net Zero strategy with decarbonization objectives aligned with science and the Paris Agreement, carrying out a physical climate risk analysis based on R.C.P. scenarios, or linking part of the variable remuneration of its directors to the score obtained in the report itself.

Atresmedia now faces the challenge of continuing to meet its commitments and objectives, placing special emphasis on the decarbonization of its operations to comply with the so-called Net Zero and reach 2050 with a 90% reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions, both in its operations as well as throughout its entire value chain.